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The evolutionary history of a group of organisms.
Taxonomy is the science of the classification of organisms, and showing relationships among organisms. It also provides a means of identifying organisms.
Classification of Viruses
Viruses are not placed in a kingdom. They are not composed of cells and cannot grow without a host cell.
What is DNA finger-prints
The number and sizes of DNA fragments produced by specific DNA cutting enzymes known as restriction enzymes (genetic similarities).
What is a Gene probe
Short single stranded labeled (radioactively or immunologically) DNA of specific base sequence.
Used to detect and identify the complementary base sequence by hybridizing specifically to that sequence.
Western blotting
A technique for identifying a particular protein using antibodies after electrophoretic separation in a gel and transfer to a membrane
Southern blotting
A technique for DNA detection
Northern blotting
A technique for detection of RNA.
What are the 3 blotting techiques
Northern blotting, southern blotting, western blotting