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Drugs that inhibit adsorption -- dont let virus attach to host
Tamiflu - prevents adsorportion of the influenza virus and T20 - HIV - fusion inhibitor
Drugs that are protease inhibitors wich prevent protein synthesis
sequinavir which treats HIV
azoles (suffix)
fluconazole - intereferes with lipid biosynthesis
inhibits DNA synthesis and has a broad spectrum
tetracycline - other cyclines
bind to 30s robosome -- broad spectrum can eliminate normal flora, stain teeth, and cause damamge to the liver and kidney
sulfa drugs
sulfanilamide and trimethoprim
inhibitors of folic acid synthesis can be given together in form of bactrin
Drugs that inhibit viral nucleic acid synthesis
acylovir - herpes AZT - HIV works as a competitive inhibitor
targets RNA polymerase, ecreases MRNA production, inhibits RNA synthesis and has a broad spectrum
Problem with ANtivirals
selective toxicity
treats malaria targets DNA
aminoglycosides - streptomycin
affects 30s ribosomes -- inhibits protein synthesis -- G- -- toxic to kidney and hearing
Protein synthesis inhibition
target bacterial ribosomes 30s + 50s = 70s
polygenes - target sterols
amphotericin and nystatin
treats skin, hair, nail infections by interfering with mitosis
Drugs that inhibit penetration or uncoating
amantadine - treats influenza A infections prevents uncoating
bind ot 50s ribosomes, broad spectrum, can cause anemia and loss of normal flora
Competitive Inhibitors
look like the substrate
Protozoan problems
selective toxicity must have knowledge of the life cycle
treats STDs and gastro intestional tract parasites, also targets DNA
concerns with water microbiology
water can transmit pathogens if it is contaminated source of contamination is fecal, Normal flora in water is involved with natural purification