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Contagious disease

A disease that is easily spread from one person to another


The fraction of the population that contracts a disease during a particular period of time.


The fraction of a population having a specified disease at a given time

Sporadic diease

A disease that occurs occasionally in a population

Endemic disease

A disease that is constantly present in a certain population

Epidemic disease

A disease acquired by many hosts in a given area in a short time

Pandemic disease

An epidemic that occurs worldwide.

Acute disease

A disease in which symptoms develop rapidly but last for only a short time.

Chronic disease

An illness that develops slowly and is likely to continue or recur for long periods.

Subacute disease

A disease with symptoms that are intermediate between acute and chronic

Latent disease

A disease characterized by a period of no symptoms when the pathogen is inactive.

Local infection

An infection in which pathogens are limited to a small area of the body.

Systemic infection

An infection throughout the body

Focal infection

A systemic infection that began as an infection in one place.


The presence of a toxin or pathogenic organism in blood & tissue.


The proliferation of pathogens in the blood; accompanied by a fever; sometimes causes organ damage.


A condition in which there are bacteria in the blood


The presence of toxins in the blood.


The presence of viruses in the blood

Primary infection

An acute infection that cause the initial illness.

Secondary infection

An infection caused by an opportunistic microbes after a primary infection has weakened the hosts defenses.