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State the purpose of the hydraulic patch test
To ensure the cleanliness and purity in the hydraulic system
State the purpose of the Blade Inspection Method (BIM) indicator.
In the leading edge of the blade there is a spar that runs the length of the blade. The spar contains nitrogen and if there is a leak in the spar the BIM will change to 3 black lines
Under proper conditions the BIM is all white
State the purpose of conducting Flight Control system rigging
To bring the flight control perimeters into straight level flight, as set by factory
State the purpose of a tactial paint scheme
The paint design is for each A/C type to reduce visual detection by matching reflection of operational surroundings.
State the 2 methods of locking and unlocking tail wheel lock pin
State the factors that affect rotor blade lift
Increasing the pitch of the main rotor blades creating a high-pressure area on the lower side of the blade and a low pressure area on the upper side of the blade, this creats lift. Lift must be greater or equal to weight if list is to be sustained.
State the location and purpose of the main rotor head dampers
Between each spindle
Purpose is to reduce the lead and lag of teh main rotor blades and absorb main rotor head start load.
Explain how the the collective stick affects helicopter flight
changes the pitch of the main rotor blade. increace or decrease lift
Explain how the cyclic stick affects helicopter flight
changes the angle of the rotor disk. controls forward aft and lateral movement
Explain how the rudder pedals affect helicopter flight
changes the pitch of the tail rotor blades. controls helicopter heading
State what must be done for effective helicopter corrosion prevention
A/C must be washed every 7 days at sea and every 14 days ashore
State the 2 areas on the helicopter, which must have particular attention during a corrosion inspection
gear boxes
State the approved cleaning materials and methods
a/c cleaning compound MIL-C85570 type 1 or 2
heavy dirt: 1 part cleaning compound to 1 part water
light dirt: 1 part cleaning compound to 9 parts water
clean a/c from bottom to top
state the purpose for emergency reclamation
to salvage salvageable components, and to remove them by their priority.
digital electronic control
electronic sequencing unit
Hydro mechanical unit
load cycle fatigue
Load demand spindle
gas generator speed
power turbine speed
rotor speed
compressor discharge pressure
power available spindle
compressor inlet temp
turbine gas temp
State the purpose of the inlet particle separator (IPS)
to prevent foreign particles from entering the compressor
State the purpose of the hover infrared suppression system (HIRSS)
reduces exhaust gas radiation and line of sight hot surfaces
state the 5 main components of teh h-60 power train
main transmission modules
drive shafts
oil cooler
intermediate gearbox
intermediate gearbox
tail gearbox
State the primary and secondary function of the main transmission system
drives and supports main rotor; drives tail rotor
drives electrical and hydraulic units
state the purposes of the chip detectors used on the mh-60s
detect metal chips in the gearbox and send a signal to the cockpit indicating a chip has been detected
state the purpose of the auxiliary power unit (APU)
provide (air) power to then engines for engine start
provide (air) power to the environmental control system
provides (electical) power for emergencies and for the back up pump
state the purpose of the APU accumulator and teh two methods of charging