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What do you need when real property is transferred?

An accurate description of land being conveyed is essential.

Method that will make a contract or a deed invalid

What are the 3 major maths used to describe land in legal documents?

Metes and bounds

Government survey

Lot and block

Describe land in legal documents

What 3 reference does mete and bound used?

Monuments :may be Natural, rivers, trees or man made objects roads or survey markers.

Direction or courses form of compass reading

Distances measured in any convenient units of length

What else is the government survey call?

Rectangular survey system

Describes land by reference to a series of grids.

The grid is composed of two sets of lines call?

Principal meridian

Base line

Two set of lines

Principal meridian line runs in which direction?

North and south

Set of line in the grid

The line that runs east/west in the grid is called?

Base line

Line run east/west on the grid

Also the base lines east/west line are called?

Township lines

Divide land into rows or township tiers

The north/south lines are called?

Range lines

Divide the land into columns name Range

Every four range line is a?

Guide meridian

4 Range line

What is a good practice to mentioned in a grid system?

County and state where the land is situated to avoid confusion

Part Description of a township

How much a township measures?

36 square miles and contains 36 sections , or 640 acres

Square miles and sections

How many square feet in a Acre?


Measurement of land

Township measures?

36 square miles and has 36 sections. Each section 1 square mile or 640 acres

It has 36 sections

A section of land of irregular shape and size is called?

Government lot

Referred to by lot number ;body of water or other makes it impossible to survey a square mile section

The lot and block method is also referred as?

Platting method

Maps and Plat system

Land subdivide by surveyor lots and blocks is called?


Mapped out by surveyor

Is street address apropiate for a legal document?


Not an adequate description

A description made by plane of elevation is called?


Way to describe elevation of condominiums

City officials datum are called?


It's a reference point accurately measure