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What's the meaning of catabolic and anabolic pathways

Anabolic- this type of pathway requires energy and is used to build up large molecules (photosynthesis)

Catabolic - this type of pathway releases energy and is used to break down large molecules (food digestion)

What controls metabolic reactions?

Enzymes control metabolic pathways. It changes the substrate at each step to get to the end product

What's an example of a reversible and irreversible reaction and an alternative route?

Reversible - competitive inhibitor

Irreversible - non competitive inhibitor

Describe the Fluid Mosaic model?

Proteins pores, pumps and enzymes are imbedded in membrane

What's the functions of pores, pumps and enzymes?

Pores- allows ions of a particular size to pass through the membrane

Pumps- pumps things out and into the cell

Enzyme- speeds up any chemical reactions within the body

How to enzymes lower the Activation Energy?

They are catalysts, specific and unchanged, helping them lower the A.E. Energy is required to lower it by breaking bonds, which enzymes help speed up