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10 wings, bleu cheese, french fries (mild/spicy)
Bruschetta Italiana
tomatoes, red onion, basil, olive oil grilled on itlalian bread
Spinach Dip
chedder, mozzerella, parmesean mixed in spinach cream, topped with bacon, red onion, with tortilla chips
Fried Mozzerella
served with marinera sauce
La Caprese
tomatoes, mozzerella, basil, onion, vinegerette, extra virgin olive oil
Crispy Calamari
lightly seasoned and fried, served with marinara and lemons
Mussels Marinara
black mussels sauteed in olive oil and garlic topped with marinara and basil
Stuffed Mushrooms
baked mushrooms caps stuffed with jumbo lump crabmeat stuffing
Portabello Shortstack
portebello mushrooms layered with roasted red bell peppers, mozzerella, spinach in likeght madeira wine sauce