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DNase Agar

- Medium is green

- Positive result would cause a lack of color inthe area around bacterial growth

- Means that bacteria produces DNase

MacConkey Agar

- Medium is red

- Positive result would cause the bacteria to turnpink, meaning it ferments lactose

-Negative result would mean it stays dark red

Skim MilkAgar

- Positive result would see clearing of coloraround bacterial growth (White -> Clear)

- Ability to produce protease enzyme

Spirit Blue Agar

- Medium is blue

- Positive result will cause clearing aroundbacteria and colonies turn blue

- Ability to produce lipase enzymes that digest fatty acids

- Negative = white colonies


- First, we add iodine...

- Positive result will see clearing around bacteria

- Produces amylase enzymes to break downstarch

- Negative result would see brown from iodine upagainst bacteria