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early and periodic screening diagnostic and treatment services[EPSDT]
a medical program to uncover and treat chronic physical and/or mental disorders in beneficiaries under the age of 21.
liquid assets
cash and property a person possessed that can immediately be converted to cash.
payor of last resort
an insurance carrier that is billed only if the patient's other insurers deny responsibility for some or all of the payment or have lower payment schedules for benefits covered by the payer of last resort.
spousal impoverishment protection legislation
federal legislation that curbs the need for married couples to "spend down" income and other liquid assets (cash and property that can immediately be converted to cash) before one of the partners can be declared eligible for medicaid coverage for nursing home care. the spouse remaining at home my have a minimum monthly income of 789, but not exceeding 1500, unless a court orders a higher figure for a specific individual. Minimum for other resourced are set at $1,200. States have the option of increasing this amount up to $60,000
a state government run income assisstance program for persons with incomes below the federal poverty level who lack sufficient liquid assets to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, and medical treatment.
aid to families with dependent children (AFDC)
a welfare program covering pregnant women and young children who are members of households where income falls below the poverty level.
supplemental security income program(SSI)
a federally administered income assisstance welfare program authorized under title 16 of the social security act; this program provides cash payments to the needy, aged, blind, or disabled persons.
title that the state of California gives to the medicaid program.
MediCal Assistance
medical coverage provided by Medicaid/MediCal programs.
medically needy/medically indigent
a government insurance term; special medical coverage to persons who are capable of covering their own base living expenses but need medicaid to cover their extremely high medical bills.
MediGap Policy (MG)
an individual plan covering the patient's medicare deductible and copayment obligations that fulfills the federal government standards for medicare supplemental insurance.
Medicare Supplemental Plan
An insurance plan that covers the medicare patient's deductible and copayment obligations. These policies may be purchased by individuals (MediGap Policies)
or premiums may be paid through an employer-sponsored program for retirees oif the company.
Medicare/Medicaid Program(MCD)
A combination of the medicare and medicaid / medical programs that is available to medicare eligible persons with income below the federal poverty level.
Specified Low-Income Medicare Program(SLMB)
A program designed to pay the medicare part b premium for persons whose income falls in the federally designated "near poor" program.
Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program (OMB)
A program designed to pay medicare premiums, deductibles, and patient copayments for all medicare-eligible persons of all ages who have income at or below the federally set poverty level.