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What are the 4 criterias for creativity?

-original, solves an open ended challenge

- resonates with public and commercial success

-Receive critical acclaim , industry claim?

- Fits firm's obj's and budgets

What's the difference between intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation

intrinsic motivation: motivation to do something for its own stake, because its rewarding in itself

extrinsic motivation: do it for $$$$

What's the key to survival (for consumers)?

being aware of motives of most media companies - ads are motivated by money making

--> danger of privacy (cookies and data storage etc)

What's the key to survival (for society)?

regulations for public good

What's the role of media in society?


-cultural expression

-self government

-making money

-Build/sustain community

What are the two fundamental freedoms/protections that are linked to media?

- Freedom of speech/expression

- Freedom of press (keeps gov' at bay)

What's innovation?

Successful implementation of creative ideas in the shape of processes, products etc...

What are the factors that create an environment where people can thrive, boost creativity




challenge needed

team composition

Many types of creative products have high development costs - never know about the success, have to be careful with investments.


Management cannot push creativity , or employees to be creative or more creative, can only push conditions and help it (through environment etc

random note