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What heats up faster, water or land?
What time of day is the sunlight the most indirect?
At sunrise and sunset.
What is the name for a scientist who studies the weather?
What is the name for an area where cold air presses on the earth with great pressure?
A high pressure area
What tool measures air pressure?
A barometer
What type of barometer works because air presses down on a liquid in a dish and sends the liquid up a tube with markings?
A mercury barometer
What kind of cloud forms when warm, moist air moves high into the sky? (It looks like a cotton ball, and brings fair weather)
cumulus cloud
What is a tool that measures wind direction?
wind vane
Where is a safe place to be when there is a tornado warning in your area?
the basement or in a center room of your house.
At what time of day is sunlight most direct?
At noon.
Name three kinds of storms that require safe action?
tornado, thunderstorm, and a hurricane.
A wind vane points in the direction that the wind is...
coming from
What tool is used to measure air temperature?
A thermometer.
What does the earth do to the heat that it takes in?
It releases it to the air.
What does the liquid in a thermometer do when it gets warm?
It rises because it expands.
What is the name of the government agency that collects and shares information about the weather in the United States?
National Weather Service
What is a tool that measures wind speed?
An anemometer
What is the pressing down of air on a surface called?
air pressure
What kind of cloud forms high in the sky where the temperature is very cold?
(They look wispy)
cirrus cloud
What kind of cloud forms low gray layers across the sky and brings stormy weather?
stratus cloud
What do you call a prediction of what the weather will be?
What is the name for an area where warm air rises and presses down on the earth with less pressure?
A low pressure area
What kind of front forms when cool air forces warm air upward?
cold front
What is a large body of air with the same temperature and humidity throughout?
air mass
What kind of precipitation forms when balls of ice keep getting pushed higher into the sky getting larger and larger until they finally fall?
What do you call moisture that falls from the sky?
When water vapor gets high enough in the sky where it is cold, it turns into droplets of water. What is this called?
What tool measures humidity?
What is the name for the amount of moisture in the air?
In the water cycle, water on the earth's surface rises. What is this called?
What tool measures precipitation?
rain gauge
What kind of front forms when warm air slides slowly over a cooler air mass?
warm front
What do you call the line where two different air masses meet?
During what season is the longest day of the year?
(the most sunlight hours)