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Hannah: enjoy!

*begin to eat* this is some good fish, hows yours?

Becky: its a little- little on the peppery side

Oh, your eyes are just leaking everywhere...

*becky wipes her tears with her napkin, ruining her makeup*

Now your makeups all smudged and ruined. That's not good on a first date...

*becky takes out mirror*

Mind, neither is agreeing to shag stranger after the date

Becky: excuse me?

You know, Ryan. How about we call him back over, ask him to slip you a finger while he's at it

Becky: how would you know? You've been having rendezvous with the waitress you "dont know" all night

But i didnt ask to shag her later on

Bridesmaid: i'm dead sorry pet, is she alright?

I dont even care *raise glass*

*look around to see hannah standing nearby, lock eyes and start laughing*

I can't believe it. Ok, my night is not shitty any more

Hannah: you're welcome

No seriously, thank you. I mean, it was a little touch and go for a while, but i actually had fun tonight

Hannah: i'm sorry about before, o shouldn't have assumed the worst in you

You know, i took you home and let you stay all night because i felt different about you. Now i wish i'd hired a barbershop quartet to relay the message instead.


You know, that notes probably still in my apartment sonewhere. If i find it, i could send you a picture, a-la, photogrphic evidence

*take out phone*

Hannah: you really don't hang back when it comes to the ladies

I just mean-

Hannah: you don't get points for that, i wrote it in the contact info

Wait, you remember my name right?