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How long is a standard leg of beach gear?
How do you determine the size of line that is greater than 1 3/4 inches?
what is the mmp required to dive the mk20 to 35 fsw (show work)
deapth times .445 plus 90
warm water diving is defined as theose diving operations that occur in water temperatures exceeding what degree f.?
88 degrees
what size and type of chain is used with beach gear?
2 1/4 inch die lock chain
what is the crown bouy and pendant used for?
retrieval of the anchor and resetting of anchor and leg
what REC form is used to document assembly procedures, parts, lubricants, fastener inspections and torque specifications?
Controlled assembly report
How long are diving commands required to keep smooth logs
3 years
what gas law explains why we dont leave a scuba bottle in the trunk of a car durind the summer?
charles gay lussac
in diving, the effects of CO poisoning will most likely to be noticed when?
on ascent
List 4 SXs of type 1 dcs
pain in joints, marbling of the skin, itching of the skin, and swelling of the lymph nodes
what does aig stand for and what is aig 239
address indicator group
239= diving
prior to manned operations after a REC on a certified system, whos authorization is required
MDV/ senior dive sup and CO or OIC
list 4 occurances that would cause a system to lose its certification
major overhaul, catostrophic failure, laps in prescribed time for requied certification, bad gas
what do the following acronyms stand for?
SOC:scope of cert
PSOB: pre survey outline booklet
OQE: objective quality evidence
SCA: system certification authority
REC: re entry control
NAVFAC: naval facility
NAVSEA: naval seagoing commands
What are 6 SXs of AGE
DEATH, numbness, paresthesius, bloody sputum, sensation similar to that of a blow to the chest, loss of control of bodily functions
what type of equipment is contained in the primary MED kit
diagnostic and theraputic
what does MSDS stand for and what is contained in it?
material safety data sheet. list of the hazardous materials, controls, storing instructions
Navy decompression tables are designed to be used to what altitude without correction?
what are the six parts of a neuro?
Mental status, cranial nerves, motor, coordination, sensory, deep tendon reflexes
what is the mil-std for air/o2
O2= 1330
Air= 1622
list the precedence of the following, NSTMs, MRCs, Manufacturing opeeration and tech manual
1. MRCs, 2. NSTMs
3. manufacturing operations manuals and tech manuals
what is stage depth used for?
time to first stop and 50 fsw
who is MDSU1s SCA?
give 3 examples of OQE
o-ring packages, lubricant documentation, part packages
what is the purpose of the wildcat on a ship?
to bring up the anchor chain
what is the weight of the stato anchor used in beach gear?
6000 pounds
are the components of the detatchable link interchangeable?
what does the # sign mean in relation to the PMS system?
mandatory related maintenance
what is the max pull of a standard purchasing system (block and tackle)?
60,000 pounds
a flow divider used in hydraulics system can be installed to use how many tools at one time?
what is the correct angle to hold a welding electrode against a plate end surface when starting a bead/ pass?
45 degrees
welding lense covers should be of what number?
a well laid leg of beach gear is designed to provide how many short tons of line pull?
50 tons
the linear puller is designed to handle what size of wire rope?
1 5/8 inch
what document contains all data on a system to include system limitations, system components, testing and maintenance?
what is the NSTM for o-rings?
what is the difference in danger and caution tags
danger- no operation, possible harm to personell
cautionn- operate with special instructions, possible damage to equipment
what is the minimum keel clearance on a vessel required to conduct diving opertaions on the opposite side of the keel
what is the minimum required number of turns on a capstain when bringing up wire rope?
what type of anchor has bi-lateral flukes, tripping mud palms, and folding stabalizers?
nav moore
what type of connections will be used on beach gear legs?
flotation cells (strawberry bouys) have a net bouyancy of how many pounds?
275 pounds
what are the catagories of the AMU
life support- critical
life support- non critical
non life support- non critical
what are the rules for splashing stdby as a working diver?
same worksite, surface supplied, shallower than 60', deemed safe by primary, no'd', not salvage.
what are the rules for diving around active suctions?
no diving within 50 feet of an active suction of 50 gpm unless deemed emergant and you have authorization from co of dive shop and co of the vessel. if greater than 50 gpms but opposite side of the keel deemed safe by orm.
what is the single greatest safety concern when diving scuba is?
buddy diver
what is the min/ max CO2 and content in chamber?
CO2 is 1.5 SEV
O2 is 19%-25%
a hydraulic puller is rated to?
50 tons
what is the best anchor to use for beach gear?
6000 pound stato
when leading chain around a corner, the standard diameter of the bend should be how many times the diamtere of the bar that forms the chain?
7 times
what is the breaking strength of 1 5/8 inch wire rope?
192,000 pounds
what is considered small stuff?
anything less than 1 3/4
what is used to recover and reset the ground leg anchor?
crown bouy
how many basic procedures exist to lay beach gear?
ground reaction is a force caused by what?
weight of the vessel subtracted by its bouyancy
what is wrenching in regaurds to a stranded ship?
taking a pull from varying angles on the stranded ship
how many feet are in a standard shot of chain
what is the purpose of a norman pin?
used to prevent free travel of wire rope around back deck
define list and trim
list- port or stbd lean
trim- bow or stern tilt
what is the formula for the safe working load of a line?
breaking strength divided by 6
what is the importance of the battle of normandy?
it was the largest amphibious assault
what ist the correct way to install wire rope clips?
never saddle a dead horse and every six inches
name 2 types of salvage chain?
die lock and stud link
what is the breaking strength of 2 1/4 inch die lock chain?
570,000 pounds
what type of shackle should be used for all critical lifts?
safety shackle
when will two slings lifting a 1500 pound object both see the full weight of the object?
when the slngs are at 30 degree angles
when pumping from a sunken vessel, where do you place patches on holes?
on the exterior of the ship
what is the prefered method for reducing ground reaction?
remove excess weight thus increasing vessels bouyancy
what is the standard mixture for concrete in salvage operations?
Portland cement - 1 part
• Sand - 1-1/2 parts
• Gravel or crushed rock - 1-1/2 to 2 parts
• Water - 4 to 6 gallons per bag of cement.
what is the preferred method of dewatering?
what is used to attatch two chains into one for a tow rig?
flounder plate
what provides the holding power on a leg of beach gear?
anchor chain
what is the purpose of the carpenter stopper?
used to stop off wire rope to enable passing of the knuckle
what does a tensiometer do?
measures force placed on two connected items
describe the mothods used in underwater excavation
jetting with a fire hose and dredging with an eductor
define free communication
ability of water to pass freely from outside the ship into the ship and/ or from one space to the adjacent spaces
what is exothermic cutting?
magnesium oxygen cutting rods lit with electricity
state the basic process for arresting a crack in ships plate
drill stop crack on both ends and weld a plate overtop the crack
what is a nato link?
its the pick point on a four point sling
what was the largest sea battle in history
the battle of Leyte gulf
what was the first nuclear submarine to navigate the north pole?
uss Nautilus
what is the max effective range of the m4?
500 meters
what is the maximum effective range of the m9?
50 meters
what is a flounder plate used for?
connecting one tow point to tow legs in a tow system
what knot would you use to connect two differing sizes of line?
beckets bend
what battle was the turning point of ww2 in the pacific theater?
name the fleets and their aors
2nd- east coast
3rd-west coast to hawaii
5th- mid east
7th- southeast asia
6th- med
msc- worldwide
what is the mdsu1 chain of command
lpo, chief, divo, department head, xo, co
what is the max lifting capacity on an ars 50 class ship?
dynamic lift of 300 tons or static tidal lift of 350 tons
what configuration is used to attain the max lifting capacity on an ars 50 class ship?
static tidal lift
what does the acronym LOEP stand for
list of effective pages
on the LOEP the - stands for what?
MIP changes are in the FR
on the MRC the fourth segment of the SYSCOM MRC control number, (N) means no related maintenance. true of false
who is responsible to make sure that the quarterly PMS schedules are updated weekly
work center supervisor
what symbol is used to show mandatory related maintenance?
what are the 5 categories of ORM?
identify problem
access situation
make risk decision
implement controls
state the 6 areas that comprise naval doctrine
planning, logistics, operational, warfare, intelligence, command and control
what was the first ship named after an enlisted man?
osmand ingram ddg255
state the 3 levels of warfare
tactical, operational, strategical
state the geographic areas of responsibility (AOR's) for the following: 2nd fleet, 3rd fleet and 7th fleet, 5th fleet, 6th fleet, Military sea lift command
2nd- atlantic
3rd/ 7th- pacific, indian ocean, antarctica, south america
5th- middle east
6th- Mediterranean
MSC- global
explain what each of the following enlisted services record pages are and what enteries are made on each: page 2, page 4, page 13
page 2: emergency contact info/ personal info
page 4: quails and awards
page 13: contracts and disciplinary entries
state how credit is distributed for erroneously ordered parts when they are turned back in to supply
money returns to government fund and becomes accessible by the ship, if needed, at the end of the fiscal year
describe the purpose of the diving equipment AMU list and explain the 3 categories of equipment
used to provide a uniform list of equipment tested for use navy wide. dlss equipment, dlss equipment hazardous, dlss equipment non hazardous.
state the working range of a torque wrench
20%- 90% of the desired torque value
discuss the reference manuals that apply and briefly describe the cleanliness standards for O2 and air systems
O2- 1330
AIR- 1622
briefly describe some of the documents required to support and obtain a DLSS certification from an SCA
rec log and current recs, ops/ eps, psob, system limits, air in stowage
explain the purpose of the screw pin and safety shackles
screw pin shackles are used for standing rigging or non critical lifts, safety shackles are used for critical lifts or towing of vessels
explain the purpose of a pelican hook
used to stop off chain, and is used to start the deployment of a leg of beach gear.
explain the difference between the two types of wire rope clips and how they are installed
standard-(u bolt type) is applied using the never saddle a dead horse method.
improved- both sides are the same allowing it to be installed any way. placed every six inches on the wire
explain the purpose of a flounder plate
used to make one rigging point into two
explain why a stranded ship should be kept from broaching
because they will lose stability that could cause more damage to the aground vessel. the ideal action is balasting down
explain the potential dangers in immediately removing weight from a grounded
the ship will lose stability and may cause it to move further on shore
define the following terms: freeboard, free communication, free surface, and tremie pipe
freeboard- distance from waterline to weather deck
free communication- ability of water to move freely from the sea into the ship and from space to space,
free surface-waterweight moving freely in a space from one see to another effecting ships trim
tremie pipe- device used to pour concrete into a patch in salvage ops
what are the advantages and disadvantages of Kerie cable
advantages- can cut through a wide variety of materials, easy to use, and good for continuous use.
disadvantages- uses a lot of oxygen, can't cut ferrous metals
explain the importance of using negative polarity in underwater welding and cutting
with electrode negative, its used for the longevity of the stinger and the diver is not holding the power source under the water
discuss the contents and use of the ships docking plans
contains locations of all underwater appendages, frame spacings
what is the difference between a full cleaning and an interim cleaning
full- the entire boat including running gear
interim- just running gear and prop
discuss the purpose of the rupert scale
its a roughness gauge used to determine state of prop blade surfaces
what indication would you have of water intrusion in to hydraulic fluid
the fluid would be milky white
what is the required cofferdam material and uncompressed thickness
closed cell foam and 2 inches thick
describe the emergency assistance checklist
it lists key contact info for people who are or can be involved in a emergency situation
explain the requalification requirements for the personnel under the following conditions: lapsed for 1 year, and lapsed for 3 years
1 year- must do familiarization dives
3 years- must attend NDSTC refresher course
explain the RNT exception rule
for a repet dive, the RNT is added to the previous dive or the bottom time of the previous dive to the repeat dive to find out which combo has less decompression time required. then it is used for the repeat dive t/s
discuss the special procedures for the descent with less that 16% oxygen
descend on air, at 20' switch to bottom mix. you have a five minutes to complete travel shift and vent. if incomplete within 5, BT starts at the 5 minute time
what are the symptoms of CNS o2 tox? and pulmonary o2 tox?
Pulmonary- pain on inspiration, substernal burning,
define the following: immediately available chamber, ready chamber, and emergency chamber
immediately available chamber- on station or within 5 minutes of available transport
ready chamber- accessible within 1 hour
emergency chamber- deemed safe by diving supervisor
state the maximum operating pressure of a recompression chamber
maximum pressure seen by chamber during normal operations
what type of materials are not allowed in a chamber?
flamables, chemicals, faras metals, or unapproved clothing
state the pressure settings for the oxygen regulators
75-100 psi
state the minimum equipment required for scuba diving
mask, anu approved adequately charges scuba cylinder with either a k or j valve, submersible pressure gauge, depth gauge, watch, knife, fins, bc,
describe the conditions and requirements for scuba decompression dives
has to be last resort with CO/ OIC's permission, must have standby in the water to monitor the diver, must have depth defined using a weighted line, and must have extra equipment in the water
discuss the advantages and disadvantages of diving scuba
advantages- easily transportable, lightweight, low manning,
disadvantages- no comms, exposure to elements, limited depth and duration
state the requirement for the deployment of standby diver as a working diver
must be surface supplied, deemed safe by primary diver, less than 60 fsw, same work area, no 'D' dive
describe the characteristics of the 9mm pistol
its a hand held, recoil operated, magazine fed, 15 round,semi auto double action pistol
what is the max effective range of the 9mm
50 meters
what kind of sight aperture does the 9mm have
cup and ball type
what is the maximum range of the 9mm
1800 meters
how many rounds does the 9mm magazine hold?
describe the characteristics of the m4
gas operated, semi/ three round burst/ fully automatic, magazine fed assault rifle
what are the magazine capacities for the m4
30 rounds
what types of shotguns are used in the navy
m500 mosburg and the Remington 870
how many rounds do shotguns used by the navy hold?
6 total- five with one in the chamber