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What is RIS?
Remove Installation Services- is used to install remotely.
what wizard will allow you to create scripted files, or answer files (same thing)
Setup Manager Wizard
Can sysprep be used on machines with non-identical plug and play items?
What is sysprep?
System Preperation is used to prepare a complete installation and include applications, service packls, drivers and many other options.
What does sysprep run on the destination computer after the image is dropped?
A check for plug and play software- meaning different video cards, net adapters and sound cards and modems can be detected.
What are hundreds or thousands of computers called in a network
An enterprise
Installing a imaged disk with sysprep. What is the command line switch to not allow user interaction?
sysprep /quiet
Disk duplications can only be used for clean installs.
Where is the correct name and location to make boot disks for computers that do not meet NETPC specifications for remote installations?
on the Windows 2000 CD, rbfg.exe
What is needed for RIS (remote Installation Services)?
Active Directory Service
DHCP Service
and DNS service running on network
compatable NIC or network card with PXE based bootom.
What is disk Duplication also known as?
disk cloning or imaging.
Disk duplication can be used for upgrades how?
They can not. Disk duplication with sysprep is only for clean installs.
What is used to prepare an image fully configured with the operationg system and applications?
What does sysprep require?
All the machines have identical hardware
What group must you be a member of to use sysprep on a computer?
Administrators group is the only group.
How are unattened installations accomplished?
by using the /u switch and adding the location of the installation and answer files when starting installation.

winnt32 /u ?
What is essentaion for disk duplication?
identical hardware.
Do you use rbfg.exe or makeboot.exe for making remote installation disks?
how can you run sysprep without a security ID?
sysprep.exe /nosidgen
Where can you run sysprep from?
Any valid place where sysprep has been extracted from the CDRom