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Minimum Windows Server 2008 hardware requirements
1 GHz CPU (x86) or 1.4 GHz CPU (x64)
512 MB RAM
15 GB Disk Space
Server 2008 Standard maximum supported RAM/CPUs
x86 - 4 GB RAM - 4
x64 - 32 GB RAM - 4
Server 2008 Enterprise maximum supported RAM/CPUs
x86 - 64 GB RAM - 8
x64 - 2 TB RAM - 8
Server 2008 Datacenter maximum supported RAM/CPUs
x86 - 64 GB RAM and 32 CPUs
x64 - 2 TB RAM and 64 CPUs
Server 2008 Web maximum supported RAM/CPUs
x86 - 4 GB RAM and 4 CPUs
x64 - 32 GB RAM and 4 CPUs
Benefits of using Server Core
Reduced attack surface

Lower hardware requirements
Command-line command that lists all server roles installed and available
Command-line command that can be used to install roles
If you wish to perform an upgrade to Server 2008, what OS must you perform the upgrade from?
Server 2003
Two purposes BitLocker serves
Full volume encryption

Integrity-checking to ensure boot environment has not been tampered with
Planning for BitLocker requires creating an extra partition of what size?
1.5 GB
Where are BitLocker group policies located?
Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\BitLocker Drive Encryption
What GPO can be configured to allow for BitLocker usage with a USB key when no TPM is present?
Setup: Enable Advanced Startup Options
Encrypts an entire hard drive
Encrypts individual files and folders
What two options do you have for removing BitLocker?
Disable - Removes but doesnt decrypt

Decrypt - Removes and decrypts
What command line command can be issued to initiate the installation of a domain controller?
What is the name of the Server 2008 answer file?
Tool used to create an unattended answer file
Windows System Image Manager, including in Windows AIK
What must client workstations have in order to use WDS?
A PXE compatible network card
Requirements for installing WDS role
- Member of AD Domain
- DHCP Server on the network
- NTFS partition available for storing images
Two types of images used by WDS
Install and Boot
WDS Image type that is the OS image being deployed to the device
Install image
WDS Image type that is used to boot a client prior to the installation of the install image
Boot image
Two types of WDS boot images
Capture and Discover boot image
Volume activation key types
Multiple Activation Key (MAK)
Key Management Service (KMS)
Key type that allows for a specific number of activations
MAK activation types
MAK Independent - Activates directly to Microsoft
MAK Proxy - Activates through a single server
Key type that allows for computers to be activated in a manged environment without requiring connections to Microsoft
Number of clients required in order to use KMS
KMS activation must occur at what interval
180 days
Bits in an IPv4 address
Bits in an IPv6 address
Three types of IPv6 addresses
Unicast, Multicast, Anycast
What folder on a Windows 2008 installation CD contains images for WDS deployment?
IPv6 equivalent of IPv4 public addresses and are globally routable and reachable on the IPv6 section of the Internet
Global Unicast Addresses
IPv6 equivalent of IPv4 APIPA addresses
Link-Local Addresses
IPv6 equivalent of IPv4 private address spaces
Site-Local Addresses
IPv6 unspecified address
IPv6 Loopback Address
DNS server that is not integrated with AD DS
File-backed DNS server
Copy of a zone that contains only the resource records necessary to identify the authoritative DNS servers for that zone
Stub zone
Process one DNS service uses to transfer zone data to another DNS server
Full zone transfer
Enables a secondary DNS server to pull only those changes that it needs to synchronize its copy of the zone with its source zone
Incremental zone transfer
A DNS server to which other DNS servers forward requests
Command line tool for administering DNS
Command to clear DNS cache
ipconfig /flushdns
Command to register client with DNS
ipconfig /registerdns
Command to perform a zone transfer
nslookup ls -d domain.name
Domain controller that contains a read-only version of the active directory partition
Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC)
Minimum forest functional level for installing an RODC
Windows Server 2003
An RODC only allows password storage for users configured in what policy?
Password Replication Policy
Methods of creating a PSO
Using LDIFDE or ADSI Edit
The password settings container stores these
Password Settings Objects (PSO)
A global security group logically mapped to an OU
Shadow Group
In order to work properly, fine-grained password policies require this domain functional level
Windows Server 2008
You can only apply fine grained password policies to these
User objects and global security groups
If you have assigned a PSO to a global security group, but one user in that group requires special settings, what can you assign to that user?
Exceptional PSO
What users can access the security event log?
Domain Admins, Builtin\Administrators, Enterprise Admins
Three Windows Server 2008 DS audit settings
DS Access, DS Changes (old and new values), DS Replication
Available domain functional levels in Server 2008
2000 Native, Server 2003, Server 2008
Allows every domain in one forest to trust every domain in a second forest
Forest-Level Trust
Three types of forest-level trust
One-way incoming, One-way outgoing, Two-way
Trust type used to link two child domains in complex setups
Shortcut Trust
Trust type used between a domain in your forest and a domain not belinging to a forest (typically WindowsNT4)
External Trust
Trust between a Unix realm using Kerberos and a Windows Domain
Realm Trust
Tool used to create trusts
Active Directory Domains and Trusts
Allows organizations to allow limited access to their infrastructure to trusted partners, acting like a cross-forest trust over the Internet.
AD Federation Services (ADFS)
ADM files are replaced in Server 2008 by what file type?
Two phases of group policy processing on the client
Core Processing and Client-side Extension Processing
Baseline templates that can be used when you create new GPOs
Starter GPO
Default Starter GPO Path
Language specific ADMX file equivalent
ADMX Domain Central Store Location
Tool that verifies all policy settings in effect for a specific user or computer
Resource kit utility that checks GPOs for consistency on each DC in your domain
What does the application server role include?
Installation wizard, Core runtime, .NET Framework, Web Services
What version of IIS is installed with the Web Server option of the Application Server role?
Makes it possible for multiple applications to use a single TCP port for incoming communications
Net.TCP Port Sharing
Consist of one or more URLs that are served by a worker process or set of worker processes
Application Pool
What are application pools used for?
Separation of applications.
Two modes application pools can operate in with IIS7
Integrated Mode and Classic Mode
Location for central management of accessibility options
Ease of Access Center
If an installed application is corrupted or deleted, it is automatically reinstalled
Application Resilience
Encoded representation of a specific product component and feature found in the registry
Darwin Descriptor
Lets you deploy MS product updates to computers running Server 2008 and to client operating systems on your network
WSUS 3.0
Provides a single software solution with a single console for managing your servers, clients, hardware, software, and IT services for a more unified experience.
System Center Essentials 2007
Designed for larger environments and enables you to deploy server and client operating systems, applications, and updates.
System Center Configuration Manager 2007
Systems management software limited to 30 servers or 500 clients
System Center Essentials 2007
Clients connecting to a terminal server require this
Possible TS Licensing discovery scopes
Workgroup, Domain, Forest
Two types of TS CALs
Per Device, Per User
What must be backed up in order to backup a TS Licensing server?
The System State and the folder where the TS Licensing DB is installed
Type of TS CAL that can be revoked
Per-Device CAL
Service that simplifies the process of adding capacity, allowing the load balancing of Terminal Servers in a group and the reconnection of clients to existing sessions within that group.
TS Session Broker
TS Session Broker can work with what two other features?
DNS Round Robin or Network Load Balancing
In order to add a computer to a TS Farm you must add that computer to what group?
The Session Directory Computers local group on the TS Session Broker host.
Two tools that can be used to manage and monitor TS resources
System Monitor and Windows System Resource Manager
Installable feature that controls how resources are allocated
Windows System Resource Manager
WSRM policies applicable to Terminal Services
Equal_Per_User and Equal_Per_Session
Allows Internet clients secure, encrypted access to Terminal Servers behind your organizations firewall without having to deploy a VPN
TS Gateway
TS Gateway uses these protocols
Performs a client health check to determine if access should be allowed or disallowed
Number of virtual instance licenses included with Server 2008 Enterprise
Number of virtual instance licenses included with Server 2008 Datacenter
Tools that can be used to virtualize existing physical machines
Point in time backup of a VM
Special virtualized space used by Microsoft Application Virtualization
Allows Terminal Server applications to be presented straight to a client desktop without requiring that a normal TS session be established
Allows applications to be virtualized
Microsoft Application Virtualization