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What medium does sound of speed travel the fastest?
The one with the greater density and greatest resistance to compression- Solids
What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency?
frequency is inversely proportional to wavelength
Where does a sound wave travel the fastest?
It travels fastest through a liquid medium.
If one of the ends is closed in a standing wave featuring sound, what is the equation for wavelength and frequency and what must n be?
Wavelength= 4L/n
Frequency= n/4L*v

You must have odd numbers for n
What is the beat frequency equation?
This is fbeats = absolute value (f1-f2)
In the doppler effect as the sound approaches will frequency increase or decrease
If you are moving as fast as the source then what will the observed frequency be?
Observed will equal acutal
What equation explains why a low resistance and a high density give a slow speed of sound?
V = sqrt(B/density)

B is the resistance to compression
What will increase the decibel level of a sound?
Increasing its amplitude