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In a room, what is the flat surface over your head?
Fifty cents is the same as fifty_______?
When you are including something, you are _____________?
adding it in
Someone who is eager is___________.
interested in doing something.
A scene is a _______________________.
place where something happens
A section is____________________.
part of a place
Max and Gordy came up with a plan to
___get autographs of famous people
___go to a baseball game
___make money selling baseballs
___get jobs at Toys for Less
Max was worried that he might_______________.
__make Dusty Field angry
__get in trouble for selling baseballs
__run out of baseballs
__miss his friends Austin and Gordy
When Max and Gordy have only $2.50 each, they find out they can___________.
___get baseballs on sale
___have free baseballs
___take out a loan
___sell newspapers
Since Austin Healy could not go to see Dusty Field, Max and Gordy___________.
___called him on the phone
___went to Toys for Less instead
___made him some popcorn
___got him a signed baseball