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What happens when you apply heat to a solid?
It can melt into a liquid...add more heat and the liquid expands and evaporates becoming a gas.
What are the three basic types of matter?
Solid, liquid and gases
How can we describe a solid?
A solid has a definite shape and the material it is made of is tightly packed together.
How can we describe a liquid?
A liquid is not as tightly packed together as a solid. The liquid can flow, and can be measured by volume.
How can we describe a gas?
Gases are spread even farther apart than liquids. It has no definite shape.
What are the processes that allow matter to change from one state to the other?
We can change the amount of space in matter by changing the temperature of the matter.
What is it called when matter changes from one state to another?
These changes are referred to as....physical changes.
What happens when water vapor cools?
Condensation takes place. When you cool gas down it contracts and changes into a it some more and it freezes.