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Mixture vs Solution

a mixture is a combination of items that is easy to unmix, like a salad. A solution is not easy to unmix, like saltwater.

Technically, they are the same - solutions are just "really well-mixed mixtures."

Periodic Table

a chart of elements created in 1863 by Dmitri Mendeleev in Russia. It organizes elements by their properties and reactivity. There are about 120 elements today, including my favorite Arnoldeevium.


Matter is made of elements, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of Protons (positive charge), Electrons (negative charge) and Neutrons (no charge). "Two neutrons walk into a restaurant for lunch...waitress says, 'Don't worry fellas, no charge!'"


the study of chemicals, matter, their properties and reactions


anything that has mass and takes up space


the amount of space an object takes up


the amount of stuff in an object

aka its weight on Earth


how tightly packed together the molecules are,

like a brick vs a pillow...brick is smaller but weighs more! It is more dense - the particles are packed together tightly

Physical Changes

changes in matter that do not change the type of matter, like cutting a log or a brownie. It is still a log or brownie.

Also, it can be reversed...just sort of glue it back together!

Chemical Changes

changes in matter that DO change the type of matter...cake batter once cooked is now a different type of matter. Think of cakes or pancakes, even burnt toast or burning a log.

Also, it cannot be reversed - you really changed it!