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Negative acceleration(when an object slows down) is called?
Basic force-multiplying machines are called?
simple machine
Motion in which the velocity of the moving object does not change.
uniform motion
Who has been called the greatest physicist of all time?
Sir Isaac Newton
Anything which occupies space and has substance is called?
Motion in which the velocity of the moving object does change.
accelerated motion
What does the law of universal gravitation state?
that a particle of matter in the universe will attract another particle with a force known as gravity.
The force that a machine helps us overcome is called?
What is done when a force moves an object?
Devices for doing work is called?
What is the measurement of the pull of gravity upon any object?
What does the law of conservation of matter state?
That matter can be neither created or destroyed.
What is the amount of space a substance occupies?
What is the attraction which allows molecules of a different kind of matter to stick together?
The energy of motion is called?
kinetic energy
What is the most basic unit of a substance?
What is the quantity of matter of every object?
What is the ability to do work called?
The rate of doing work is called?
The type of acceleration experienced by falling objects.
acceleration of gravity
What law states that the total mass and energy of the universe always remains the same?
law of conservation of mass and energy
What law states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another form.
law of conservation of energy
What term is used to define mass per unit volume of a substance?
What is the common unit of power in the English system devised by James Watt called?
What does the theory enables us to determine how much energy is equivalent to a given quantity of matter and vice versa?
The theory of special relativity
What is a change in velocity over a period of time called?
What is the metric unit of work and energy?
What is the term for the rate of speed an object travels in one direction?
The 3 basic forms of matter are?
solids, liquids, and gases
The number of times a machine multiplies our effort is called?
mechanical advantage (MA)
What is the most versatile simple machine?
The metric unit of force and weight is called?
What law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?
Newton's third law of motion
The pushing or pulling action of one object on another object is called?
The resistance caused by moving one object against another is called?
The force we apply to a machine is called?
effort (E)
What is Newton's second law of motion?
the accleration of an object is directly related to the strength of he force and inversely related to the object's mass.
The number of times a machine multiplies our effort is called?
mechanical advantage (MA)
What 2 factors determine the strength of gravity?
Mass and distance
The work put into a machine is called?
work input
The tendency of matter to stay at rest until force acts upon it.
Name the six simple machines:
lever, the wheel and axle,the inclined plane, the wedge, and the screw
What law states that the work put into a machine is equal to the work received from the machine?
law of work
The work received from the machine is called?
work output
The principle of inertia which states that the velocity of an object is not changed unless it is acted upon an outside force is called?
first law of motion
The end of a first-class lever to which the effort force is applied is called?
effort arm
The end of a first-class lever which moves the resistance is called?
resistance arm
What is the pivot point on which the beam rests?
The 3 types of a pulley are:
fixed, movable, and block and tackle
What is a simple machine that consists of a rope and a grooved wheel?
The only state of matter that has a definite shape and occupies a definite amount of space is?
What is the force that an object exerts due to its inertia as it resists change in direction?
centrifugal force
What is centripetal force?
The force pulling an object inward toward the center of a curving path.
The energy of motion or have potential of motion is called?
mechanical energy
What is the attraction that allows molescules of the same kind of matter to stick together?
The study of matter and energy is called?
What is potential energy?
Stored energy that can be released to cause motion.
What are atoms made of?