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Algebraic Expression
A statement that contains a variable(s) and number(s) and at least one math operations
Absolute Value
Distance from 0, it is ALWAYS positive ex. |5|= 5 |-5|= 5
Distributive Propery
For all real numbers a,b,and c, if a(b+c) then ab+ac to everything in parenthesis

Order of Operations
The order in which mathimatical expressions must be evaluated.
Simplify- do all possile steps
Evalulate-substitue then simplify
Anything to the zero power always equals one
You can NOT add or subtract unlike terms BUT you can multiply or divide them
Irrational Number
Any number that cannot be expressed as a fraction
Number of times the number is multiplied to itself
Repeating Decimal
A decimal that repeats in a pattern to infinity and is rational
Numeric Expression
A statement that contains numbers at one math operation
A whole number set of whole numbers and their oppisites including zero. (-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2)
All the value or values that make the statement true
Perfect Square
Integer that is squared ex. 4,9,25..
An expression w/ an equal sign you cannot solve an expression you can an equation
Fractions to Decimals
~If the bar covers the whole decmial put that place value minus one, ONLY WHEN BAR COVERS ALL!
Number being raised to the power
Signed Numbers Addition
Same signs- add the value of the numbers and sum has the sign of the 2 numbers
Diff. signs- forget the signs subtract smaller from larger answer takes the sign of the number further from 0.
Arithmetic Sequence
A series of numbers seperated by a common difference ex. 1,3,5
Signed Numbers Subtraction
Add the oppisite
Like Terms
Same variable to the same power
Whole Number
Starts at zero and goes up
Commutative Property
For all real numbers a+b= b+a
and a*b= b*a
Doesn't matter which order
Real Numbers
The set of rational and irrational numbers
Property of Oppisites
For all real numbers a number and it's oppisite will always equal zero. a+(-a)=0
Natural Number
Does NOT start at zero
a letter that takes the place of a number
Terminating Decimal
A decimal that stops and is rational
Zero Product Property
For all real numbers, anything times 0 is 0. 0*a=0
If the number of neg. signs are odd, the is answer is neg.
If even the answer is pos.
Geometric Sequence
ex. 1,2,4,8
common ratio
Rational Number
Any number which can be expressed as a fraction
A group of related information
Signed Numbers Multiplicaton and Division
Alike is postive
Different os negative