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What is use to do a aminocentesis so baby isn't hurt?


Danger signs in pregnancy

Gush of fluid, bleeding,abd pain, vomiting, epigastric pain, edema, headache, blurred vision or dizziness, temp of 100.4,painful urination

What is hyperemesis gravidarum?

Persistent vomiting

With hyperemesis what do you have to watch for?

Dehydration & lytes balance & I & o

Spontaneous abortion

Missed carried

Induced abortion


Nursing care for preg bleeding disorders

Save clots and document bleeding

Hydratiform mole

False pregnancy no nucleus

Placenta previa

Lower segment is where the attachment was

Abruptio placentae



Preeclampsia or eclampsia

Hypertension in pregnancy

An increase over baseline by 30mmpr more systolic

15mm diastolic will place women in high risk for GH


Has to do with rh factor leaking into mom and starts to make antibodies

Erythroblastosis fetalis

This happens when the rh factor crosses the placenta and destroys the fetal erythrocytes

Macrosomic infant

Very large baby over 8.8lbs

Folic acid deficiency anemia

Large immature red blood cells

(Megablastic anemia)

Sickle cell

Can lead to preterm birth,growth restrictions,& fetal demise


Genetic trait causes abnormality in one or two chains of hemoglobin







Torch is a acronym that means?

Infections that can be devastating in the fetus or newborn

HIV can be transmitted thru?

Breast milk


Cat litter or raw meat

Group B streptococcus (GBS)

Leading cause of perinatal infection with high morality rate

Found in vagina,rectum,cervix,throat or skin

Effleurage ( pain relief measures )

Circulation around baby

Epidural blood patch

When you get headache this is done

How much weight gain should they have

4.4 in the 1st trimester

1lbs each week after


Lower then normal fluid

Where is the fundus after birth

Midway between umbicial & the symphysis pubis or slightly lower

If fundus goes to side what do you do?

Empty bladder


Bloody discharge after birth

Lochia rubra

Bright red drainage for 1-2 days after

Lochia serosa

Pink to brown blood

Lochia alba

Yellow to white after 7th day


Dr breaks water after 36 wks

What position for prolapse cord

Trandelingburg with hip above head the knee to chest position

Any unusual color or odor of fluid?

Take temp

Type of incision for c section

Low transverse not likely to rupture during another birth vbac possible

Dysfunctional labor

Does not progress


Difficult labor

p's of labor

Power passive passageway psych

Gynecoid pelvis

Most favorable for vaginal births

Friedmans curve

Used to graph dilation and fetal decent

Tocolytic therapy

Goal is to stop uterine contractions

If fetal HR drops with oxytocin

Stop iv

True pelvis

Where head engages

If resp distress occurs with Demerol

Give narcan


A lot of fluid


Life threatening disorder that alters clotting