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List at least 3 types of veneer cuts
1. Clean sliced/ flat sliced
2. Riffed sliced/riffed cut
3. horder sliced
4. rotary cut
5. half round sliced
Which type of veneer cutting is best when grain pattern is not important but minimizing waste is?
Rotary cut
AWI (American Woodworkers Institute) develops standards for designing wood quality by using what 3 separate grades?
1. Premium
2. Custom
3. Economy
List 4 special wood veneer matches that might be specified for table tops and schetch at least 2
1. box match
2. parque match
3. diamond
4. herringbone
5. reverse diamond
6. swing match
7. sketch face
8. sumbers?
List 3 wood species
1. exotic
2. hard wood
3. soft wood
What is an example of an exotic wood?
What is an example of a soft wood?
List 6 types of hard wood
1. oak
2. mahogony
3. walnut
4. ash
5. cherry
6. maple
When selecting gypsum board, the decision on thickness and type is influenced by: (need to know at least 3 of the 8)
1. sound reduction
2. fire resistance
3. feel applied finish
4. appearance
5. impact resistance
6. loading
7. framing spacing
8. # of layers gonna use
Why would metal lath be attached to framing or furing prior to application of gypsum plaster?
serves as a substrate for wet plaster; something for it to hold on to.
trialed? finishes are?
smooth finishes and floated or sand float finishes
Wall coverings are classified by their...
What are the 6 categories of wall coverings? (need to know 3)
1. Decorative only
2. Decorative w/ medium surfacability
3. Decorative w/ high surfaceability
4.5.6. 3 commercial serviceability
Describe decorative only and decorative w/ medium surfacability
DO- residential use; not washable

DMS- residential; washable; color fast
Describe decorative w/ high surfacability
residential; abbrasion and stain resistant; scrubable
Describe the 3 Categories of commercial servicability wall coverings
1. private office; hotel
2. lounges, dining rooms, classrooms
3. heavy traffic areas where parts and machinery may bump into walls
List 3 types of pattern matching required when installing wall covering
1. Drop match
2. Random match
3. straight across match
Which type used when installing stripes or texture?
Random match-- it is the least wasteful type of pattern matching. Panels do not align horizontally.