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What does USGB stand for and when was it established?
US Green Building Council
Established 1993
What is USGB and what are its goals?
It is a non-profit org
To promote green building and help to foster greater economic vitality and environmental health, USGBC works with the industry to help bridge ideological gaps, thus providing benefits for the entire construction community.
What does LEED stand for?
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
What is LEED and when was it established?
-It is a green building rating system
-Established in 1995 by the USGB
LEED Rating Systems 5 Categories
1. Sustainable Sites
2. Water Efficiency
3. Energy and Atmosphere
4. Indoor Environmental Quality
5. Materials and Sources
What is the primary purpose of the LEED rating system?
-this voluntary pt-based rating guideline establishes consistent criteria for sustainable design projects
- Serves as a tool to aid integrated sustainable design and to help owners and design teams obtain the benefits in the overall health and efficiency of building design.
- LEED is based on accepted energy and environmental principles, and strikes a balance b/w known effective practices and emerging concepts
Closed-Loop Recycling System
Where existing waste is viewed as valuable raw material for new products
What is the Closed Loop system ideal?
Because closed-loop models are economically sustainable--- they do not rely on nonrenewable resources
Specifications are written contract documents that describe ....
- quality
- workmanship
- general requirements of execution of the work
- standards
- and other items that are better described in written form rather than graphic form
What are the 2 general categories in specification?
1. Prescriptive closed
2. performance open
Prescriptive closed tells you...
what materials used by brand names
Performance open tells....
what results are to be acheived
What are the 2 main components that make up terrazzo?
1. stone/marble chips
2. matrix/medium/binder
List 2 types of binders/ matrices
1. poly-acrylic modified portland cement
2. resinous chemical binders
Is resin-based terrazzo or is its cement based counterpart better for installations where economy and overall weight is a concern?
resin-based terrazzo requires significantly less maintenance and is better for installations where economy and overall weight is a concern
What is the purpose of divider strips and control joints?
to control cracking
Divider strips and control joints make what 2 things possible?
1. designing different patterns
2. changing matrix color
Would you consider terrazzo green material and/or a sustainable floor choice?
If so, why?
Based on the manner which it was formed, stone is classified into 3 categories. What are they?
1. Igneous
2. Sedementary
3. Metamorphic
How is igneous formed and what are some examples?
When hot molten magma rises from the Earth's core and cools and hardens it forms igneous stone
-- Granite
Describe the appearance/ characteristics of igneous stone
Granite for ex
- hard, durable, low-maintenance stone
- have a crystalline form and texture, appearing as aggregates in a uniform matrix
How are sedimentary rocks formed and describe their appearance/characteristics
Accumulation of deteriorated igneous rock that was cemented, crystallized, and hardened w/ chemical solutions and biological deposits
- sandy and uniform
What are some examples of sedimentary rocks?
-formed by?
-preexisting igneous or sedimentary rocks, which responded to pressure and temperature
-sedeimentary rocks that were subjected to heat, pressure and sheer
-often more crystalline and dense than sedimentary stone
-veined or cleft
What are some examples of metamorphic rocks?
Describe serpentine
-similar to marble
-characterized by green color and serpent like swirls of color
-is dense by not always hard
-used in interiors for wall veneers, paving, casework, and furniture
T/F Serpentine can acheive high polished glossed finish like soapstone
-both are soft stones- so can never acheive high polished finish
Why is serpentine not good for wet areas?
B/c it tends to warp when wet
Describe thin-set stone flooring instalation.
pg 227, 275
Describe thick-set stone flooring instalation
pg 177,227
Which is considered mud-set and why?
-b/c of the thick mortar
-1/2" to 1 1/2" thick
Thinset or thickset installation-- which is better suited for remodeling projects?
thin-bed; b/c of depth constraints, a manufactured rigid backing; cementuous backer board attached to framing...
Granite is ideal material for countertop b/c of its inherent properties
-list these properties
-very hard
-stain resistant when sealed
-water and heat resistant
-natural stone features
Would high polished gloss be ideal finish or a honed finish be a better choice?
explain why
Honed a better choice in the long run
List 5 types of resilient flooring
1. Cork
2. Linoleum
3. Vinyl Tile
4. VCT Vinyl Composite T
5. Rubber Tile
Would linoleum be considered a green material? Why?
-made from natural removable materials
-production little adverse effects on the environment
-long useful life
-when removed can be incinerated for energy recovery
When selecting best resiliant products, what 4 things do you need to consider?
- appearance
- exposure to UV light (fading)
- oil and chemical exposure
- traffic (pedestrian/ vehicular)
T/F Wool is the most durable man-made carpet
What are the 4 most commonly used fibers in carpet manufacturing?
1. Nylon
2. Wool
3. Poly-propoline / Olaphalin
4. Acrylic/ Mod acrylic
Describe woven carpet construction
-traditional method of making carpet
-produced on a loom using warp and weft
List 3 traditional methods of weaving
- velvet
- wilton
- ax minster
What are the 2 methods of installing carpet?
1. Stretched in
2. Direct Glue down
Describe the stretched in method of installing carpet
-tackless strips used
-padding either stapled to floor or glued to carpet
Describe the direct glue down method of installing carpet
-carpet attached to floor w/ attached adhesive
-used on concrete slabs w/ or w/ out padding
Cushioning is referred to as...
-which is not always required when installing carpet
Gauge and Pitch refer to the # of ends of surface yarn across a designated width. Are these used interchangeably or refer designation type?
-Gauge used when refer to tuffted
-Pitch used when refer to woven
What are the 3 types of carpet pile?
1. Cut Pile
2. Level Loop Pile
3. Multi-level loop
Cut pile
-low, dense, stands up right
-forms even surface
Level loop pile
-loops form carpet surface
multi-level loop pile
looped at several levels creating texture to appearance
Which type of carpet construction broad loom accounts for 95% of broad loom carpet produced in this country and why
-tuffted carpet
-quick and inexpensive construction method
What is tuffting
process where pile yarns punched through backing w/ rows of needles like sewing machine