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What are the clustering configuration available in Vshpere

1. Cluster in a Box (clustering of VMs on the same ESXi host)

2. Cluster across Boxes (clustering of VMs that are running on different ESXi hosts)

3. Physical-to-Virtual Clustering (clustering of a physical server and a VM)

For Windows Server 2003 Cluster (VM) what storage adapter should be used?

LSI Logic SCSI adapter & vmxnet network adapter.

For Windows Server 2008 Cluster (VM) what storage adapter should be used?

LSI Logic SAS adapter & vmxnet network adapter.

What features of Esxi cannot be used with Failover cluster VMs?


If the VMs are part of the cluster, FT & Storage DRS should be disabled for individual VMs.

Can Virtual Mode RDM used as shared disk (RDM) Windows Clustering VM?

Yes, for Windows Server 2003 Cluster.

No, for Windows Server 2008 Cluster.

Will the RDM available to add to 2nd Windows cluster node?

No, you have to select the option, "Existing Virtual Disk", then select the location of the
VMDK proxy file.

What are the High Availability features provided by VMware?

1. HA

2. FT

3. VDP

4. vSphere Replication

Explain HA feature briefly?

HA restarts the VM running on a ESXi host, in case of failure of the ESXi host.