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Illness that lasts a year of longer, usually limits a patient's physical activity, and may require ongoing medical care and treatment
Chronic illness
A chair masse for persons in the middle of their workday, also called seated massage, on-site massage, and chair massage
Corporate massage
Your tendency to react emotionally when clients do not behave or respond to you or your treatment as you had expected
A healthcare approach that caters to the quality of remaining life rather than the quantity of life whan a person's life expectancy is limited by a life-threatening illness with no known cure
A massage performed within 6 hours of the athletic performance that focuses on circulatory enhancement
Postevent massage
A massage performed up to 2 days before the client participated in an athletic event that focuses on circulatory enhancement and warming up the tissues
Preevent Massage
A massage performed 6-72 hours after the athletic perfomance that is intended to increase circultaion and restore the normal resting length of muscles, also called curative massage and postrecovery massage
Restorative massage
The client's dependence of you for friendship or companionship in addition to therapeutic treatment
Research has found that massage in the workplace does what to productivity and employee job satisfaction
Increases it
Length of a seated massage
10-15 min
What is the focus of preevent massage?
Increase circulation to the muscles
Soften connective tissue to prevent injury
Increase the client's general kinesthetic awareness
Reduce general anxiety
Benefits of preevent massage
Reduced cortisol levels
Lowered blood pressure
Changes in brain wave activity
Should any significant changes to the muscle length be made during a preevent massage?
No, because the clien't kinesthetic awareness could be altered
The purpose of postevent massage
Encourage circulation on and around the muscles
Reduce musclular tension, congestion, and potential muscle soreness
Restore flexibility
Relieve muscle cramps (if needed)
Pace of postevent massage
Slower, providing relaxation and general relief from exhaustion
Primary stroke used in postevent massage
Pace of preevent massage
Similar to Corporate massage except on a table, 15-20 min
Methods for alieviating cramps
Ice massage
Reciprocal inhibition
Direct manipulation
Purpose of restorative massage
Increase circulation
Restore the normal resting length of muscles
Techniques that are especially effective during postevent massage to restore normal resting length to muscles
Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
T or F
Localized areas of inflammation are not contraindicated for massage
There is a lot of controversy regarding this type of massage
1st trimester positioning for pregnancy massage
No restrictions on position, use any position that is comfortable for the client
2nd trimester positioning for pregnancy massage
Avoid prone
Seated or sidelying are easiest and safest
Supine may be used in early part, but should be limited (10-15 min) in later part
3rd trimester positioning for pregnancy massage
Side-lying is easiest and usually most comfortable
Supine for no longer than 10-15 min
Modified supine, elevated head, neck, and shoulders, can be used longer
Contraindications for massaging pregnant women
Joints-range of motion injuries
Abdomen-deep work can traumatize uterus or fetus
Connective tissue
Varicose veins- to be avoided at all times
Acupressure points
Essential oils
Essential oils harmful to pregnancy
Clary Sage
Benefits of infant massage
Increased circulation
effective digestion
reduced stress
deeper and more regular sleep patterns
Positioning for infant massage
Supine - helps the baby trust the therapist and becoem familiar with the process
Duration of infant massage
15 min, but often determined by baby's patience
Contraindications for geriatric massage
Arthritic joints
Varicose veins
Recent surgery
Blood clots/history of blood clots
Blood thinners
Duration of geriatric massage
30 min