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The major contrl center which regulates growth and reproduction of the cell is called the:
a. organelle b. nucleus
c. golgi d. mitochondria
b. nucleus
The study of tissues is called:
a. hematology b. biology
c. cytology d. histology
D. Histology
The correct sequence of levels forming the structural hierarchy of the body is:
a. organ,organ system,cell,molecule, tissue, organelle.
b. molecule, organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system
c. organelle, organ system, tissue, organ,cell, molecule
d. molecule,cell,tissue, organelle, organ, organ system.
B. molecule,organelle, cell,tissue, organ, organ system
Blood and bone are both types of:
a. adipose tissues
b. connective tissue
c. cartilage
d. membranes
B. Connective tissue
The vertical plane which divides anterior from posterior is the:

a. saggital
b. transverse
c. coronal or frontal
d. midsagittal
C. Coronal or Frontal
The appendicular skeleton includes the:
a. skull and spinal column
b. skull,spinal column and pectoral girdle
c. pectoral girdle, arms, pelvic bones and legs
d. the arms and legs
C. pectoral girdle, arms, pelvic bones and legs
Which of the following bones is NOT a part of the axial skeleton?
a. ribs
b. sternum
c. clavicle
d. hyoid
C. Clavicle
The joint type which allows the most range of motion is:
a. Amphiarthroses
b. Diarthroses
c. Synarthroses
d. Synchondroses
B. Diarthroses
Three types of muscle tissue include:
a. striated, voluntary, smooth
b. cardiac, non-striated and smooth
c. cardiac, smooth and skeletal
d. involuntary, non-striated and smooth
C. cardiac, smooth and skeletal
Red blood cells are also known as:
a. erythrocytes
b. leukocytes
c. lymphocytes
d. thrombocytes
A. erythrocytes
A syndrome where nerves become compressed by soft-tissue is called _______.
a. impingement
b. entrapment
c. plexus
d. somatic
B. entrapment
Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of the _______
nerve at the wrist.
a. brachial
b. median
c. ulnar
d. radial
B. median
The division of the nervous system responsible for a "flight or fight" response to stress
a. peripheral
b. central
c. sympathetic
d. parasympathic
C. Sympathetic
Efferent nerves are those which:
a. affect personality
b. carry impulses to the brain or spinal cord to muscles and glands.
c. control vasoconstriction
d. carry impulses from the brain or spinal cord to muscles and glands.
D. Carry impulses FROM(away) the brain or spinal cord to muscles and glands.
The building up phase of metabolism is called:
a. anabolism
b. catabolism
B. Catabolism