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Progenitor of advertising media
Johannes Gutenberg
Printed the first advertisement
William Caxton
Published the first ad in the British colonies
John Campbell
His penny newspaper brought advertising to a new level
Benjamin Day
Founded the first ad agency
Wayland Ayer
Key person in ad campaigns
Creative Director
Agency reps to clients
Account Executives
Decide where to place ads
Media Buyers
An advertising agency earns an agreed-upon percentage of what the advertising client spends for time and space, traditionally 15 percent
Commission Contract
An advertising agency earns expenses and an agreed-upon markup for the advertising client, plus bonuses for exceeding minimal expectations
Performance Contract
An advertising agency is compensated with shares of stock in an advertising client
Equity Contract
Coordinates marketing and advertising
Advertising Director
Coordinates Marketing and advertising for a specific brand
Brand Manager
How long a periodical remains in use
Shelf life
All the people who see a periodical
Pass-along circulation
So many competing ads that all lose impact
Ad Clutter
A recorded viewing of a web site
Provide messages to computers
Online Advertising
A non generic product name designed to set the product apart from the competition
Championed brand imaging
David Ogilvy
Spin put on a brand name
Brand Image
Messages for broadest audience possible
Lowest Common Denominator
Emphasizing a single feature
Unique Selling Proposition
Devised unique selling proposition
Rosser Reeves
Devised positioning
Jack Trout
Targeting ads for specific consumer groups
Intensive repetition of ads
Intensive repetition of ads
Intensive repetition of ads
Short-term ad campaign
Shorter, smaller ads after campaign is introduced
Advertisements, often subtle, in nontraditional, unexpected places
Stealth ads
Writing a brand-name product into a television or movie script
Product Placement
A television recording and playback device allows viewers to edit out commercials. A competing device is Replay TV
Program-length broadcast commercial
Magazine whose entire content, articles and ads, pitches a single product or product line
Products sold with a store brand, often manufactured by the retailer. Also called “house brands” and “private labels”
Store Brands
Canadian grocery executive who honed the storebrand concept
Dave Nichol
Nazi propagandist
Joseph Goebbels
Examined hidden motivations
Sigmund Freud
Pioneered motivational research
Ernest Dichter
Seeks subconscious appeals that can be used in advertising
Motivational research
Made dubious subliminal advertising claims
Jim Vicary
Ads that cannot be consciously perceived
Subliminal Advertising
Receiving subconscious messages that trigger behavior
Sees subliminal advertising widely used
Wilson Bryan Key
Buyer beware
Caveat emptor
Seller beware
Caveat venditor
Set media standards for ads
Edward Bok
Reviews complaints about ads
National Advertising Review Council
Advertising trade association
American Association of Advertising Agencies
Ad industry group that creates free campaigns for worthy causes
Ad Council
Regulates advertising
Federal Trade Commission
Legally permissible excesses in advertising
A management tool to establish beneficial relationships
Public Relations
Devised the notion of enlightened self-interest
Paul Garret
Mutually beneficial public relations.
Enlightened Self-Interest
Professional public relations association
Public Relations Society of America
Embodied the bad corporate images of the 1880s, 1890s with “The public be damned
William Henry Vanderbilt
First federal agency to rein in excessive business practices, 1890
Interstate Commerce Commission.
Application of Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory to society
Social Darwinism
Devised survival of the fittest theory
Charles Darwin
Epitomized offensive corporate paternalism in the 1890s
George Baer
Laid out fundamentals of public relations
Ivy Lee
Took Ivy Lee’s advice, which favorably changed railroad’s approach to public relations
Pennsylvania Railroad
Colorado tragedy that Ivy lee converted into a public relations victory
Ludlow Massacre
Ivy client who had been the target of public hatred
John D. Rockefeller Jr.
Known for exaggerated promotion
P.T. Barnum
Inflated claims
Led Office of War Information; World War II
Elmer Davis
Established the role of public relations as a top management tool
Arthur Page
Gearing messages to outside organizations, constituencies, individuals
External public relations
Gearing messages to inside groups, constituencies, individuals.
Internal Public Relations
Using Mass media to convey messages
Media Relations
Companies that provide public relations services
Public Relations Agencies
Brings public attention to something
Promoting a cause, idea
Influencing public policy, usually legislation or regulations
Advising Candidates, groups on public policy issues, usually in elections
Political communication.
Coaching individuals for media contacts
Image Consulting
Developing programs in advance of an unscheduled but anticipated event
Contingency Planning
Helping a client through an emergency
Crisis Management
Unlike public relations, advertising seeks to sell a product or a service
Comprehensive program that links public relations, advertising
Integrated Marketing Communication
Paid space and time to promote institution’s image, position
Institutional advertising
A packet provided to news reporters to tell the story in an advantageous way
Media Kit
Taking initiative to release information
Proactive Media Relations
Tilted news coverage by overwhelming the media with information during the Persian Gulf War
Pete Williams
Mix of proactive, reactive, and inactive media contacts
Ambivalent media relations
Pioneered Advertorials
Herb Schmertz
Paid advertisements that state an editorial position.
Attacking critics openly
Adversarial public relations
Severing ties with news media
Information boycott
Covering up
Derisive word for public relations people
One alternative word for public relations; others are public affairs, corporate communication
Public Information
Indicates PRSA accreditation
Professional public relations organization
International Association of Business Communicators.
Student public relations organization
Public Relations Student Society of America
a famous person endorses the product
famous person testimonials
associates product with simplicity
plain folks pitch
using a product will maintain or elevate their social standing
snob appeal
everyone is using a product
bandwagon effect
invokes audience insecurity
hidden fear appeal
irritating ads remain in people’s minds
irritation advertising
Associating a product to a cultural value or image with a positive connotation without much connection to the actual product
Association principle ie. Sprite
disassociating from the corporate depending on the target audience (ie. Gallo created the dummy company of Bartles and Jaymes to sell jug wine and wine coolers to connect with younger consumers who want quirky, and Turning Leaf to upscale consumers)
Disassociation Corollary