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What is marketing research?
Links the customer and the public through information used to:
1. identify market opportunities
2. generate&evaluate marketing actions
3. monitor marketing performance
4. improve understanding of marketing process.
What is the marketing research process?
To generate useful, timely, and cost-effective information.
What are the 3 marketing research designs?
1. exploratory designs
2. descriptive designs
3. causal designs
What are marketing research designs?
General strategies or plans of action for addressing the research problem and the data collection and analysis problem.
What is exploratory research carried out for?
To satisfy the researcher's desire for better understanding.
What is descriptive research?
Directed by one or more formal research questions or hypotheses. Typically a survey or questionaire is administered.
What is an example of causal research?
Experiments in which researchers manipulate independent variables and then observe or measure the dependent variable.
What is primary data?
Data collected specifically for a particular reserch problem, such as survey data or polls.
What is secondary data?
Data readily collected for some other purpose and are available from a variety of sources.
How is scanner data obtained?
From Universal Postal Codes(UPC) information read in grocery stores. They provide timely information on actual purchase behavior.
How do they produce single-source data?
Developed proprietary systems combine information on product purchasing behavior with TV viewing behavior.
What is a focus group?
Comprised of 8-12 individuals led by a moderator in a focused, in-depth discussion on a specific topic.
What is the positive side of telephone surveys?
They are relatively cost-effective, a large number of them can be conducted over a wide geographical area & can be done quickly.
What are mail surveys?
Surveys sent through the mail that can obtain a large geographical market and are less expensive than other methods.
What are personal interviews?
One-on-one interactions between a costomer and the researcher.
What are errors in question design?
When the questions asked in the survey aren't unambiguous, concise, and unbiased.
What are the two sample designs?
1. probability sampling
What are the two sample designs?
1. probability sampling
2. nonprobability sampling
What is involed in probability sampling?
Each person or unit in the population has a known, nonzero chance of being selected by some objective procedure.
What is a nonprobability sampling?
The selection of a sample is based on the judgement of the researcher or field worker.
What is the sampling frame?
the outline or working description of the population used in sample selection.
What is the sample size based on?
A combination of facors: the anticipated response rate, the variability of the data, cost and time, and the desired level of percision.
What must firms operating globally understand?
That cultural and economic differences between countries adds a layer complexity.
What is validity?
The extent to which the measures truly assess the concepts from being studied.
What reliability?
The consistancy of responses to the extent which measurements resulats are reproducable.
What is a marketing decision support system(MDSS)?
All activities and computerized elements used to process information relevant to marketing decisions.
What is database collection?
The collection and use of individual customer-specific information to make marketing more efficient.