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Attitude Scales
Instrument used most frequently to capture evaluative data.
Customer Lifetime Value
Profiles based on the collection and analysis of internal secondary data.
Customer Satisfaction Measurement
Quantitative and qualitative measures that gauge the level of customer satisfaction and its determinants.
Focus Group
A qualitative research method in which about eight to ten persons participate in an unstructured group interview focused on a product or service concept.
A postmodernist approach to the study of consumer behavior that focuses on the act of consuming rather than on the act of buying.
Motivational Research
Qualitative research designed to uncover consumers' subconcious or hidden motivations. The basic premise of motivational research is that consumers are not always aware of, or may not wish to reveal, the basic reasons underlying thier acitons.
Nonprobability Sample
Findings are representable of the population.
A consumer behavior research approach that regards the consumer behavior discipline as an applied marketing science. Its main focus in on consumer decision making.
Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research
Research methods that are primarily used to obtain new ideas for promotional campaigns and products.

Research methods that enables researchers to understand the effects of various promotional inputs on the consumer, thus enabling marketers to predict consumer behavior.
Test Marketing
Prior to a launching of a new product, elements such as package, price, and promotion are manipulated in a controlled setting in order to predict sales or gauge the possible responses to the product.
The degree to w hich a measurement instrument accurately relfects what iit is designed to measure.
The degree to which a measurement instrument is consistent in what it measures.
Secondary Research
The process of locating secondary data.
Secondary Data
Any data originally generated for some purpose other than the present research objectives.
Depth Interview
A lengthy and relatively unstructured interview designed to uncover a
consumer's underlying attitudes and/or motivations.