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personal selling
Paid personal communication that attempts to inform customers and persuade them to buy products in an exchange situation.

Is dependent on recruiting and hiring qualified sales people.

- Is a more specific form of advertising
- Has greater impact on consumers
- Provides immediate feedback
- Is an expensive form of advertising
- Is labor intensive and time consuming
Anything that reduces a communication's clarity and accuracy.
Overall role of promotion
To stimulate product demand.

- Create awareness
- Reduce Sales Fluctuations
- Combat Competitive Promotional Efforts
- Facilitate Reseller Support
- Retain Loyal Customers
- Identify Prospects
- Encourage Product Trial
(IMC) Integrated Marketing Communications
Coordination of promotion and other marketing efforts for maximum informational and persuasive impact.
channel capacity
The limit on volume of information a channel can handle effectively
A sharing of meaning through the transmission of information.
Public relations
- Are a broad set of communication efforts used to create/maintain favorable relationships between organization and stakeholders
- Often focuses on stakeholders other than customers
- Affects short-term sales/profits and long-term survival
- Can be unfavorable
product placement
The strategic location of products or product promotions within entertainment media content to reach the product's target market.
- Promotion
- Price
- Place
- Product
What are the 4 elements of the promotion mix?
Paid non personal communication about an organization and its products transmitted to a target audience through mass media.
Advertising appropriation
Objective & task, percent of sales, competition matching, and arbitrary are 4 techniques used to determine what?
Media Vehicle
The specific program, publication, or promotional piece used to carry an advertising message.
media plan
A plan that specifies the media vehicles to be used and the schedule for running advertisements.
marketing plan
A written document that specifies the activities to be performed to implement and control the organization's marketing activities.
Making of blueprints that combine copy and visual material to show the sequence of major scenes in a commercial.
Evaluation of advertisements performed before a campaign begins.
consumer jury
A panel of a product's existing or potential buyers who pretest ads.
Evaluation of advertising effectiveness after the campaign.
recognition test
A posttest in which respondents are shown the actual ad and asked if they recognize it.
unaided recall test
A posttest in which respondents are asked to identify advertisements they have seen recently but are not given any recall clues.
aided recall test
A posttest that asks respondents to identify recent ads and provides clues to jog their memories.
news release
A short piece of copy publicizing an event of a product.
feature article
A manuscript of up to 3,000 words prepared for a specific publication.
captioned photograph
A photograph with a brief description of its contents.
press conference
A meeting used to announce major news events.
Environmental monitoring
Identifies changes in public opinion affecting an organization.
Institutional Advertising
Advertising that promotes organizational images, ideas, and political issues.