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advertising campaign
creation and coordination of a series of advertisements around a particular theme to promote a product
ex: both broadcast and print
advertising agencies
help business develop advertising campaign
full service agency
advertising research, media selection, copy development, and artwork for advertising campaign
advertising agency organization
client, creative, research, & media
client service department
work with agency groups and individual businesses to identify opportunities for advertising
creative service
develop advertising message & produce ads
research service
study target market, attitudes of potential customers, and buying behaviors toward a company's products
media service
advise clients on media choices
creative boutique
specialized service agency where creative production is sent outside the business, but copy is provided by business
project team agencies
copy writing, creative execution, and media placement
virtual agencies
provide services coordinated by an individual who works with a network of experienced freelancers
self-employed person who sells work of services by the hour, day, or job, rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employee
saying that gets the readers' attention, arouses their interest by providing a benefit, and leads them to read the rest of the ad
selling message in a written advertisement
expands on information in the headline or the product shown in the illustration
photograph/ drawing used in print advertisement
clip art
images, stock drawings
photographs: sense of reality
drawing: show what reader cannot normally see
signature; logo type
distinctive identification symbol for a business
catch phrase/ small group of words combined in a special way
ad layout
rough draft that shows the general arrangement and appearance of finihsed
advertising proof
show exactly how an ad will appear in print