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A type of sort term price reduction
An item offered for free or at a bargain price to reward some type of behavior such as buying/testing/sampling
brand sponsored competition requiring skill and effort
sales promotion that offers prizes based on drawing entrants names
offering potential customers to try a product before decision making
loyalty program
retain customers by offering premiums or incentives to frequent buyers
Point of purchase - product displayed at point of purchase
ex. candy at cashier lines
product placement
product placed in nontraditional situations like in movies
What does AIDA stand for?
attention interest desire action
gaining attention of consumers
aided recall
customer recognizes brand name when presented to them
top-of-mind awareness
first thing people remember/think about
lagged effect
delayed response to marketing communication campaign (takes many exposures to remember)
informative advertising
create and build brand awareness with the goal of customer to buy
persuasive advertising
motivates consumers to take action
reminder advertising
remind/prompt consumers of rebuying
product-focused marketing
inform/persuade/remind customers of a specific product/service
institutional advertising
inform/persuade/remind issues relates to politics/corporation/industry
social marketing of important issues
social marketing
marketing social issues to change attitudes and behavior of general public
legal exaggeration of praise
stealth marketing
delivers sales message to attract consumers without them knowing
viral marketing
encourages people to pass along a marketing message to other potential customers
pop-up stores
booths with limited products allowing interaction with customers
2+ firms joining together to reach a specific target market
personal selling
two way flow of communication of buyer and seller designed to influence buyer decision
relationship selling
emphasize commitment & maintaining relationship over long-term investing opportunities mutually beneficial to all parties
list of potential customers
process of assessing potential sales leads
trade shows
events buyers choose to be exposed to products and services offered by potential suppliers in an industry
cold calls
prospecting in which salespeople call/book appointment with potential customers
telephoning potential customers
salesperson conducts extra research and develops plans for meeting with customers
closing the sales
obtaining commitment from customer to make a purchase
sales management
planning/directing/control of personal selling activities which includes training/motivating/compensating/evaluating as they apply to the sales force
independent agents/manufacturer rep

salespeople selling extended contract of another product but are not employed by them