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characteristic of a service that means customers cannot see, touch or smell good service
characteristic of service that means that is impossible to separate the production of a service from the consumption of that service
service encounter
the actual interaction between the customer and the service provider
characteristic of service that makes it impossible to store for later sale or consumption
capacity management
the process by which organisations adjust their offerings in an attempt to match demand
characteristic of a service that means that even the same service performed by the same individual for the same customer can vary
name the seven marketing mix for services
place, price, promotion, product, people, processes, physical facilities
search qualities
product characteristic that consumer can examine prior to purchase.
experience qualities
product characteristic that customer can determine during or after consumption
credence qualities
product characteristic that are difficult to evaluate even are they have been produced.
core service
basic benefit of having a service performed
augmented service
core service plus additional services provided to enhance value
the actual physical facility where the service is performed, delivered and consumed
what is SERVQUAL?
search model developed to measure service quality based on: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, tangibles, empathy
critical incident technique
method for measuring service, quality in which marketers use customer complaints to identify critical incidents
place marketing
activities that seek to attract new businesses, residents
idea marketing
marketing activities that seek to gain market share for a concept, belief of issue