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What is an advertising campaign?
An advertising strategy which is planned, organized, directed, and controlled using the advertising element in the promotion mix
What are examples of informing?
Tell about a new product
Demonstrate uses
Inform on a price change
Explain how it works
Tell when avail.
Explain where to purchase
What is a promotional campaign?
A promotional strategy which is planned, organized, directed and controlled using multiple elements of the promotion mix
Includes image building
product differentiation
direct response
What are the three forms of promotion?
To inform
To persuade
To remind
What is public relations and what is its purpose?
Management of publicity
To communicate, favorable image, inform company news, new products
What are examples of persuading?
Develop brand preference
Encourage brand switching
Change customer's perception
Close a sale
What are examples of reminding?
Remind that a product may be needed soon
Remind where/when/why to buy
Keep in mind during off season
Reinforce brand loyalty
What is personal selling and what is its purpose?
Person-to-person dialogue
To persuade
Move to action
Build relationship
What is the push strategy?
Supplier promotes product to intermediaries to PUSH the product through distribution channel.
What is direct marketing and what is its purpose?
Direct Mail
Interactive media
Electronic kiosks
To sell, remind, build relationship, inform
What is a conduit metaphor?
assuming people are perfect mindreaders
What is advertising and what is its purpose?
Informative or persuasive message carried by a non-personal medium
What is publicity?
Message not paid for by sponsor
What is pretransaction?
Information to aid recognition and understanding
Information to create positive feeling
Advertising>Personal selling
What is sales promotion and what is its purpose?
Induce buyers to purchase in specific timeframe
Supplement other elements, trigger sales, reward customer, develop RR bond
What is encoding?
process by which the sender translates the idea to be communicated into a message
What are 3 types of communication media?
Mass media
Personal media
Interactive media
What is post-transaction?
Reminder and reassurance
Advertising>Personal selling
When does noise occur?
Sender is unsure
Message is not clearly encoded
Wrong cannel
Message is improperly decoded
Receiver lacks experience or time
What is the pull strategy?
Supplier promotes the product to ultimate consumer aiming to stimulate demand and pull the product through the channel
What is transaction?
Personal selling>Advertising
What is a channel?
vehicle through which a message is sent