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By an act of the Continetinal congree, the United State Marine Corps became a regular branch of our country's service when?
Novemeber 10, 1775
Who established the United States Marine Corps?
Cpt Samual Nichols
Where was the United States marine Corps established?
Tun Tavern, PA
Who was the first Marine Corps recruiter?
Robert Muellen
The Marine Corps as it exist today, was formed when?
July 11, 1798
What is the symbol of the United States Marine Coprs?
The eagle, globe, and anchor.
What is the symbol of the United States Marine Coprs?
The eagle, globe, and anchor.
What does each of the EGA stand for?
Globe-Wolrdwide Service
Anchor-Naval Traditions
When was the EGA adopted?
Who adopted the EGA?
BGen Jacob Zeiland
What is the Marine Corps motto?
Semper Fidelis
What wasthe previos Marine Corps moot?
By land.. by Sea
When was Semper Fidelis adopted as the motto of the Marine Corps?
The term Devil Dog was used when?
Battle of Belliu Wood
Who was the first Marine corps aviator?
A. A Cunningham in 1912
Who was the first woman Marine?
Ophae Mae Johnson
Who was the first female Marine Warrant Officer?
CWO Ruth Wood
Who was the first Marine Officer to die in battle?
Cpt. John Fitzpatrick
Which Marine served the longest term as Commandant?
Arichibald Henderson
How long did Archibald Henderson serve as Commandant of the Marine Corps?
38 years
How long does a person have to dawn and clear a gas mask?
15 secs
Which Commandant installed the office of Sgt Maj of the USMC?
General Pate in 1957
When was the dress blue uniform adopted by the Marine Corps?
August 24, 1797
Who adopted the dress blue uniform ?
Sec. of War James McHenry
Who was presented the Mameluke sword?
Lt. Presley O' Bannon
Who presented the Mameluke sword to Lt. O'Bannon?
The Pasha of Tripolia
Who coined the phrase "Uncommon valor was a common virtue?
Admiral Chester Nimentz
How many Marines received the Medal of Honor in WWII?
The last offensive battle of WWII was?
On Aug 9, 1945 the Enola Gay released the first Atomic Bomb on?
The second aromic bomb was released on what city?
On what battleship did the Japanese surrendor on to end WWII?
The USS Missouri
Semper Fidelis stands for?
Always Faithful
In New Providence, Bahamas, what was the name of the fort taken without even firing a shot?
Fort Montaque
After the attack on Japan, what two islands were invaded by the Japanese?
Guam and Wake
When did the Japanese officiall surrender?
September 2, 1945
What was the name of the operation that involved the protecting the rice crops from Guerrillas?
Harvest Moon
What 3 battles of WWII comprised the 3 crosses of War?
Belleu Wood, Mont Blanc, and Soissons
Name the only Marine to win 5 Navy crosses?
Lt Gen Chesty Puller
Where was the first amphibous assault after WWII?
Inchon, Korea
Who officially recognized scarlet and Gold as the official Marine Corps colors?
Gen John A. Lejeune
Who was the first Commandant of the Marine Corps appointed by the President?
Willaim Ward Burrow
What was the first seaborn assault against a coral Attol?
Who was known as the Grand Ole Man of the Marine Corps?
BGEN Archibald Hendersonm
What units are authorized the French Forregeare?
5th and 6th Regiment
What NATO marker is red with yellow lettering?
Chemical Threats
Who were the first two black Marines to enlist in the Marine Corps?
Alfred Masters and geogre Thompson
What year was the Code of Conduct written?
What happened on August 6, 1945?
The atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshomo
Who is the most decorated Marine in Marine In history?
Chesty Puller
What year was the Code of Conduct written?
What is the largest amphibous operation in the Pacific?
The US Marines are direct descendants of who?
The british Royal Marine
Who was the first Marine to win the Medal of Honor?
Cpl. John Mackey
Who was the first marine to lead an Army divison into battle?
gen John A. Lejeune
What was the first medal ever awarded?
The Purple Heart
What was the name of the fortess taken in the Battle of Tripoli?
The Fortress of Derna
Who was the first Sgt Major of the Marine Corps?
Sgt Major Bestwick
What was Belleu wood called after the Battle of Belleuo wood?
The Wood of the Marine Brigade
Who was the first General officer in the United States Marine Corps?
Gen Archibald Henderson
Who authorized the developmen t of the Marine Corps?
Continitenal Congress
Where was the first Marine landing during the Spansish American War?
Guantamona Bay, Cuba
Where was the first Marine landing during the Spansish American War?
Guantamona Bay, Cuba
Where did Marines use the first Vertical Envelopment?
The Korean War
What was the first major offensive of Vietnam?
Operation Starlight
What is the oldest rank in the Marine Corps?
Who was the first Sergent Major in the UsMC?
Sgt Maj Sommers
5 battles from 1775-1940
-Revoluntionary war
-Naval war with france
-War with Tripolia
-Florida Indian war
-civil war
-dominican republic
-spanish american war
-philipine insurrection
-boxer rebellion
-War of 1812
-Banan wars