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what are solid bodies intended to introduce medical substances into various orifices of the body called?


what are potentially dangerous, volatile chemicals that are not meant for human consumption?


the command initiating the contact investigation must prepare and maintain summaries of the investigation. the record must be retained on record for how long?

3 years

certain conditions justify the use of what type of beverages? continuous physical activity for periods beyond 3 hours, poor nutritional intake


what is the statement on a form that provides information to the individual completing the form so they can make informed decision about whether to provide the information?

privacy act statement

what information should be included on the navmed 6150/20 of a member's primary medical record with the respect to the existence to the member's secondary medical record?

nature of secondary record

patient's diagnosis

clinic name address and phone number

which of the following are considered primary female reproductive organ(s)?


what devices should be used with the paralleling technique to preform intra-oral radiography and should restrict the x-ray beam to as near the size of the image receptor as practicable?

open-ended shielded position-indicating

low strength of the Mantoux method is how many tuberculin units?


which of the following sea birds is/are edible?




what is the name of the standard computer supply management system used by shipboard medical departments?

SNAP automated medical system

what are used to issue changes to instructions and, under some circumstances, notices?

change transmittels

there are two types of exemptions to immunizations . what are they?

medical and administrative

how many liters of saliva per day do salivary glands produce that greatly aid in digestion?

1.7 liters of saliva a day

including the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), what are important and preventable causes of morbidity and mortality, and associated lost productivity and health care costs?


if signature authority has not been delegated to the leading petty officer, which of the following documents are the not allowed to sign?

special request chits

DD214 - correct

service record pages

compartments that contain compressed gases are ventilated for what length of time if ventilation has secured?

15 minutes

which joints are frequently dislocated?

hips, shoulders , fingers, and jaw

what is an advantage of of using a pocket face mask as apposed to the bag-valve mask?

acts as a barrier device / provides greater air volume

if the person returns more than 72 hours after PPD application and the induration is zero to 14 mm, make an entry of what on the SF 601?

not read

measles, mumps, and rubella persons born in 1957 and earlier are presumed to be immune through military personal born after 1957 have received how many lifetime doses of MMR vaccine of serologic test results?

2 doses

before filling out the weekly PMS schedule, the work center supervisor should check, which of the following PMS records?

quarterly schedule and MIPS

review of the QA program effectiveness must be completed with revision as necessary every how often?


how many measures of unit readiness does SORTS provide indicating the unit's self-reported ability to execute a mission?


an infection originating on the environment of the hospital or freestanding dental treatment facility is a what?

nosocomial infection

unless clinically indicated all AC personnel will be tested for HIV at least how many years?

2 years

a ship's plan of action is contained with what type of bill

Battle bill

on what great lake did captain oliver hazard perry defeat a british squadron, cutting th e british supply lines.

lake Erie

En route care systems provide a capability to support expeditionary maneuver warfare by meeting an operational requirement to evacuate patients up to how many miles using opportune lift medium lift aircraft?

240 miles

who exercise fiscal oversight at subordinate commands?

regional commanders

heat sealed over wrapping will extend a 30 day shelf life by how many days?

180 days

what current shipboard uniform regulations must T-AH CRTS personnel comply with?

NAVPERS 156651

also known as the pink card, what charge out form health record receipt will be used for the charge out control of medical records?

NAVMED 6150/7

physical examinations of navy and marine corps personnel, whether active or reserve, may be preformed by who?

navy medical officers

DoD physicians

credentialed civilian contract physicians

what precautions will reduce the possibility of vapor build up in an area?

using extra fans for ventilation

what is the loss of substance of a tooth from a wearing away process caused by teeth against teeth?


when setting up a minor surgery case, you notice the instrument package is outdated,what should you do?

unwrap and inspect. if the pack is safe, resterilize

personal and medical information learned about a patient as a result of your position as a corpsman is privileged and should not be divulged to unauthorized individuals


authorized providers who are not part of the TRICARE network of civilian providers may charge beneficiaries using TRICARE standard up to what percent above the TRICARE allowable charge for services?

15 %

the CRO will provide a letter of assignment within how many days of reporting to the command CUIC personnel, identifying their assignment/status, responsibilities, uniform, and training requirements?

10 days

which of the following terms refers to the transfer of fuel, munitions, supplies, and personnel from one vessel to another while underway?

replenishment at sea

how many regions is the TRICARE program managed?


an avulsion injury is defined as what?

traumatic removal of tissue

the united states acknowledges freedom of the seas under what law or treaty?

international law

what is true about incident reports?

copies must be limited

they must be forwarded to the quality assurance coordinator

the report must be limited to facts and a logical conclusion

when securing a DTR at the end of the workday who must flush each unit water line and hose for how long?

30 seconds

what machines provide a fast and reliable means for sending official correspondence?


hair must be tapered from the lower hairline upward by at least how many inches?

3/4 inches

pens and pencils used for work may be exposed on the uniform?


what is the primary drug used for group a strepp?


with exposure to adamsite, which, if any, of the following actions must be taken to minimize or inhibit the symptoms of exposure?

Don a protective mask and continue duties as vigorously as possible

windpipe is another term for?


flammable liquids give off vapors. what is the lowest temperature that these vapors burn when a spark is applied?

flash point

the accused is informed of their rights under what article?

CJCSI 3110.03 D

ethylene oxide gas uses relatively low temperatures for sterilization. using a heated unit, sterilization can be achieved in 2-4 hours at 120 degrees f. however, a lengthy aeration time of at least how many hours must follow each cycle?

16 hours of aeration

what is an elongated valley or depression in the surface of the tooth formed by by the inclines of adjacent cusps or ridges?


NAVMED 6320/19 morning report of the sick, must be submitted to the commanding officer by what time?


the tied-hands crawl is most useful when the victim?

must be moved under low structures

the mechanical transmission of sound from the tympanic membrane to the inner ear is a function of what?

auditory ossicles

what type of training do you receive during daily operation and maintenance situation?

OJT (on the job training)

what amount of pressure does the weight of the atmosphere (from sea-level to the ozone layer) exert on the human body?


navy medical and dental radiological systems must meet what standards for procurement and initial/periodic evaluation to ensure safe and proper operation?


what is often referred to as the forgotten nutrient?


the navy hopes to achieve a drug free "zero tolerance" goal by what method?


what is the longest muscle in the body called?


routine microbiological surveillance of hospital and clinical environments adds little to infection prevention/control and should be restricted to investigations of outbreaks when recommended by the IP or who else?

IPCC chairman

requests for possible EUAs for military purposes must be submitted for what consideration?


what is an inflammation of the dental pulp caused by bacterial infection resulting from dental caries or fractured teeth called?


how many basic modes for evacuating casualties are there?


in what year was the ALVIN , a deep diving vehicle, tested 6000-foot depths?


how does medical material usually flow into the theater?

strategic air

with the exception of the mandible and the bones of the inner ear, all skull bones are joined firmly at the seams. where are the seams where they joined known as?


what is the most likely area of damage in a victim who has ingested a strong alkali


in one-rescuer CPR, the proper compression to ventilation rate is?

15 compressions - 2 breaths

what type of directives regulate administration, delegate authority, and assign a mission function or task?

permanent directives

this terrorist activity is the destruction of property or obstructions of normal operations or treacherous action to defeat or hinder a cause or endeavor


the combination of hemoglobin along with what else produce dark red (venous) blood?

carbon dioxide

to kill any parasites scavenger birds might carry, you should boil the birds for what minimum length of time?

20 minutes

what are forces that set forth basic disciplinary laws for the US navy?

US navy regulations

standard organization and regulations of the US navy

uniform code of military justice

what do unit level hospital corpsman typically provide the first written information on a casualty with?


what property describes the ability of muscles to respond to stimulus?


what executes OPNAV validated individual missions and directs BSO 18 resources?


when a member is hospitalized in a foreign nation and the ship departs port, the health record is?

forwarded to the nearest US embassy or consulate

supplemental potassium may be required with which category of drugs?


the rapid plasma reagin test for syphilis is best used by what type of specimen?


the primary role of a beach evacuation station is to evacuate assault for casualties is designated to what?


what is the genetic material found in cell nuclei used for identification?


what were the first effective chemotherapeutic agents to be available in safe therapeutic dosage ranges?


how many CRTS augmentation teams are currently identified for the large deck amphibious ships of the fleet?


who decides what type of court martial to award?

commanding officer

what is the area where the two pubic bones meet called?

symphysis pubis

what diagnosis is given to service members with memories of combat experience buried deep in the subconscious that unexpectedly emerge upon transition into civilian life?


ACIP general recommendations suggest that persons be observed for how many minutes after being immunized?

15-20 minutes

what is any device called that causes purposeful dissemination of radioactive material across an area without nuclear detonation?


what is an enclosed pouch containing fluid or semisolid material called?


what bones provide a pathway for tears from the eyes to the nasal cavity?


post pregnancy suitability screening is conducted approximately how long after post delivery, when the infant is immunized and the mother and infant can be safely screened?

8 weeks

approximately how many primordial follicles are there at puberty?


what can be defined as any pathological or traumatic disorder of tissue that creates a loss of function in the affected area?

oral lesions

what is a centrally-managed automated system for use by logistic personnel to procure, maintain, and dispose of consumables and equipment?


A metabolic response to epinephrine includes what symptom?

increased blood pressure

the law of war along with what else prohibit the destruction of medical equipment that must be abandoned in retrograde movement occasioned by enemy action or all other tactical considerations?

Geneva Conventions

if you have to swim through flames, which of the following the the procedure to follow?

swim underwater until you are clear of burning oil

what structure(s) in the inner ear provide neural stimuli used to maintain equilibrium?

semicircular canals

what include enlisted personal in initial training, ROTC, OCS, academy prep school, service academy, officer indoc. school, and officers who are directly commissioned?

military accessions

what governs the disclosure of government documents maintained by government agencies?


what dental form should the completion of all dental treatment such as the treatment plan,dental emergencies and all other narrative dental findings be recorded on?


what grants protection to dedicated medical evacuation assets?

Geneva Convention

what colorless gas has a distinctive odor similar to that of new-mown hay or freshly cut grass?


blood and body fluid spills must be removed with an absorbent material and the area must be disinfected by EPA -approved disinfectant or a solution of household bleach diluted to what amount with clear water?


what are transportable, medically and surgically intensive, and deployable in a variety of operational scenarios?

fleet hospitals

what bind various parts of the skeletal system together and enables body parts to move in response to skeletal muscle contractions?


in what year did alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health administration (ADAMHA) reorganization act passed?


over how many cases of tuberculosis occur annually in the US?


what instruction establishes policy and procedure to ensure individual medical readiness (IMR) of navy and marine corps active component (AC) and reserve component (RC) is complete?


what schedule allows for losses in man power, logistic problems, work stoppages and training?

work center schedule

the purpose of what is to establish patient accountability and means to document assessment of condition and treatment of HSS personnel?


who facilitates the JFS's staff actions that support the JFS?

deputy JFS

what type of monitoring (interal and external) involves the use of heat sensitive chemical that changes color when exposed to certain conditions?

chemical monitoring

if you are the senior person in a survival at sea situation, you be responsible for making sure the group is safe. what will help in boosting morale?




being awesome

what requires that the health care provider give the patient information necessary for a knowledgeable decision?

informed consent

what is safer and more effective that manual scrubbing?

ultrasonic cleaning

what part of the female and male reproductive system is concerned with the process of reproducing offspring, and each organ is designed to preform specialized tasks?


how often is physical readiness testing currently required for all personnel?


what is included in the bones of the cranium?


Who provide advice on diet, food, and nutrition?

nutritional supports

when the database shows a patient is ineligible due to ID card expiration, care may be rendered as long as the patient has a new ID card issued within the previous how many days?

120 days

which efforts can dramatically reduce the incidence of disease in military operations?

preventive medicine

what are intended for use my personnel involved in menu development, menu evaluation, nutrition education, nutrition research, and food research and development?


what receive, store, and distribute blood within the theater of operations?

blood supply unit BSU

what are the highest quality, most expensive, and best fitting glove?

sterile surgical

what are vaccines used to protect navy and marine corps personnel against certain diseases before exposure to infection is called?

prophylactic immunization

what serves as the clinical focal point and agency responsible for medical material quality assurance?

defense medical material program office

what official naval correspondence usually prepared and referred to as?

standard naval letter

in what year did WHO declare global eradication of naturally occurring smallpox?


to fit well and provide adequate immobilization, a splint must have what attribute?

be well padded at body contact areas

what is the easiest way to carry a casualty?

fireman's carry

what bone, commonly know as the hip, is large, irregularly shaped bone composed of three parts; the ilium, ischium, and the pubis?


which of the following components of a nuclear weapon constitutes the most probable hazards in the event of an accident?

high explosives and plutonium

what rations are designed for military personnel in a wide variety of operations, in widely varied settings, for limited amounts of time?

operational and restricted

what provide extended care for children and adolescents who are having physiological disorders requiring treatment in a therapeutic environment?

residential treatment centers (RTCs)

what instruction issues policy to effectively manage medical and dental inventories and establishes responsibilities to develop, maintain, and renew AMALs and ADALs?


the DoD withdrew needle-free multi-use nozzle jet injectors in what year due to safety concerns?


what are a collection of of interactive parts that are capable of surviving in hostile environments, with the ability to reproduce and repair damaged parts?


a period of up to how long often exists between the time a person becomes infected with a virus and the time the laboratory tests can detect the antigens or antibodies to it?

several weeks

timely access for remote duty designation purposes is defined as how many hours of driving time under normal conditions?

2 hours

what is the only approved VHF vaccine for?

yellow fever

what type of delivery occurs when the baby's legs and butt emerge first during child birth?


ranges are reported in what unit of measurement?


what traits are common to all successful leaders?




an inflammation around the gingiva around a particularly erupted tooth is known as?


the navy shall ensure x-ray equipment used in federal facilities meets the federal diagnostic x-ray equipment performance standards and certified by whom?


approximately how many mile of capillaries are there in the body?


approved electronic form can be stored in local computer or storage devices. However,to ensure outdated forms are not used, the forms approved source of supply must be checked every how many days for update?

30 days

military dining facilities serving populations with high energy needs, such as initial entry trainees, will offer a menu with how many calories per meal?

600-700 calories

what is used to preform ground radiological surveys in vehicles or in dismounted mode by individual personnel as a hand shield instrument?


persons with BMI greater or equal to how many g/m2 are considered obese?


dental examination of family members preformed by civilian providers within the past how many months are considered current?

6 months

how many fingers are on the human body?