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isometric lines
lines that connect places with the same isometric values
isometric values
values that can actually be measured at that point on the earth's surface
two types of isolines
Isometric lines
line that links values which are not actually measured at a particular place but which represent a certain area
the process of plotting isolines on a map using estimates
isoline interval
difference in value between the isolines
isoline names:represent?
isotherm =
isohyet =
isobar =
isohypse =
atmospheric pressure
height above sea level
isoline property 1
isolines never intersect
isoline property 2
line separates areas with lower values than it's own from areas with higher values
isoline property 3
where closely spaced = steep gradient or high rate of change
isoline property 4
numeric value should always be indicated
values point in direction of increase
value written on higher side of the isoline
isoline property 5
are rounded lines, cannot simply begin and end, either joins to form continuous line, or runs off map edges (continuation would appear on adjacent map)
isoline property 6
lines always follow each other progressively