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A little on the edge

Testy, irritable, and/or nervous reactions

while working on a task.

Back against the wall

Last opportunity or chance to perform.

Back burner

Not treated as a top priority; not as

important as other matters.

Back pedaling

Attempting to correct a mistake

or reverse an action that was



Talked about in an exaggerated


Bargaining chip

Situation or circumstances that

are used to have an advantage

in negotiating.

Been there, done that
Prior experience.
Behind the 8 ball

Actions that leave an unfair advantage

on last resort in matters.

Being on the front line

Performing tasks that require

technical skills.

Below the belt
Unethical or unfair tactics.
Bottom line

The last line in a profit and loss

statement; it refers to net profit

or lost.

Brightest days

The best of times for a person

or organization.

Bring to the Table

Supplying information or facts

that can be helpful when decisions

have to be made.

Bull market

Situation where the stock market is

increasing in value and investors

feel it will continue to grow.

Chief Customer Officer.
Center stage
A very important position.
Champaign taste

Having a desire to purchase

premium products and services.

Circle the wagon

Gathering person(s) who provide

support and additional resources

against opposing actions.

Climbed the ladder
Promoted to higher-level jobs.
Cost of doing business

Expenses necessary before

making profit.

Cool under fire

Ability to complete a task under

stressful conditions.

Counting on it
Expecting it.
Do the math

Providing specific facts that aid

in concluding or summarizing

a decision.

E-mail snooped

When someone other than the

addressee reads e-mail messages.

Even playing ground/field

Circumstances and/or talents are

identical for all participating parties.

Fine tuning

Giving attention to details or precision

before final draft.

Free ride

Receiving a favor without incurring

any expenses.

From scratch
From the beginning.
Frosting on the cake

Making a good decision even

better with additional perfection.

Go for broke

Attempt that is extreme and usually

lacks results or final action.

Going down a slippery slope

Actions that are not guaranteed

to be successful; speculation.

Going public

A company making stock ownership

available to the general public.

Gone off the deep end

Doing something risky, almost

crazy–like jumping into the deep

end of a swimming pool when

you can't swim.

Goofing off

Accounting system for organizations

whose purpose is not generating

a profit but serving ratepayer,

taxpayers, and others according

to a duly approved budget.

Gray area

Alternatives that are not clearly

determined as positive or

negative actions.

Hard and fast rule

Laws and/or restrictions that are

not negotiable.

Hard copy
Copy printed on paper.
Head hunter

Person looking for qualified job

applicants for a particular job


Rumors within the workplace.

The most important part of

something; the central force

or idea.

Heart-to-heart talk

Conversation expressing sincere

or truthful opinions.


Top producer or No.1 ranking.

Hot second
Huddle room

Room in a virtual office design

used for private meetings

or conversations.

If it isn't broken, don't fix it

Don't risk making things worse

by changing things that don't

need to be changed.

In the black
Company making profit.
In the red
Company losing money.
Jumped headfirst

Began quickly and eagerly

without hesitation.

Key player

Important participant.

Kick back and relax

To make a rest.

A level of specific expertise.
Let the chips fall as they may

Attempt best move and hope

for a great success.

Level playing field
Treating everyone equally.

Persons who logged on to

the internet.

Measuring stick

Tool used to evaluate or

compare something.

Mint condition

In excellent condition or

superior results.

Missing the Boat

Failure to understand and/or

interpret an action.

More than meets the eye

More than one can see with his

or her own eyes; much is

happening that is not visible.

Mouse-click away

Ease of doing something by

using the computer or Internet.

Muddy the water

Making things even more difficult

than they currently are.

Net meeting

Conference call through computer

network system.

Out of the office loop

Out of the line of communication

that occurs in the workplace.

Out of the loop

Being left out of communication

and/or not being included in the

decision-making process within

an office.

Pass the "smell test"

Circumstances and/or decisions

are not illegal or unethical.

Past the smell test

Decision(s) that does not violate

rules or policies.

Pave the way
Process of making a task easier.

Short for perquisites; compensation

in addition to salary, such as day

care or a company car.

Piece of the action
A share in the opportunity.
Pink slip
A notice that you've lost your job.
Pitch in
To help as needed.
Poster child

Best example.

Pros and cons
Arguments for and against something.
Pulling rank or file

Using hierarchy rank or

organizational title/position

authority level for making a

demand to a subordinate.

Quid pro quo

Latin phrase meaning "something

given in return for something else."

Quite a stir

Something that causes a

feeling of concern.

Rally the troops

Person who gathers allies to

achieve a task.

Read between the lines

Interpreting information that

is not obvious or requires

cognitive interpretations.

Rubber meets the road
Actions must produce high results.
Sea of information

Lots of information, often too

much to process.

Served notice

Giving notification and/or warning

about a task or action not being


Shrinking violet

Potential and/or opportunities

are not being used that originally

were viewed beneficial.

Snail mail

Mail or messages that are not

delivered electronically.

Smoking gun

An issue or other disclosure that

proves a person or organization

has done something wrong.

The most modern type available.
Step up to the plate

Willingness to complete a task

or deadline within a short notice.

Take a back seat

Actions or decisions are not

top priority.

Telephone tag

To leave a telephone message

when you attempt to return a

message left for you.

Thinking out of the box

Nontraditional and/or creative

ideas or suggestions.

Throwing money out the window

Decisions that are not beneficial

that could have even been avoided.

Time in the trenches

Working with the other employees

and experiencing what they contend

with as opposed to managing from

an office and relying solely on

reports about what is happening

in the workplace.

Time is money

Time devoted to complete a task/job

has monetary value.

TMI (too much information)

Providing unrelated information

and excessive information prior

to a decision.

To take a break

To slow down and do something

besides work.

Toys off the table

Attendees at a meeting are not

allowed to place dissenting

gadgets on conference tables,

i.e. cell phones, back bag/laptop.


Term that refers to people reacting

too fast to the circumstances facing

them in a difficult situation.

Turn a blind eye

Ignore something of importance.

Turn the work off
Stop working.
Up for grabs

Opportunities are available for everyone.

Used as a buffer

An example and/or replacement

is used as a filler and task is


Walk out the door
Leave the company; quit your job.
Watching over your shoulder

Looking at everything you do.

We want to look you in the eye

Persons are requesting a meeting in person.

Win-win situation

Negotiations in which all parties

are pleased with final decisions.

Working out the kinks

Eliminating any restrictions or

stumbling blocks before

completing a task.

Working under a deadline

Completing a task that has a

specific due date.

Your calling

A person's performance on the

job that reflects superior skill levels.

24/7 or working around the clock

Working 24 hours 7 days a week.