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Feedback should be specific rather than ________
Managers can use the grapevine for ____________
Positive feedback is more readily and accurately perceived than _________
negative feedback
An employer might use the grapevine to ____________________________
transmit information to key individuals who will pass it on
Negative feedback should be used when its supported by ________
hard data
communication that addresses task-related issues and tends to follow the organization's authority chain.
formal communication
There should be a short time between teh behavior and teh _____________
__% of an oral message is derived from intonations "tone of voice"
Feedback should be ___________ and ___________
impersonal and goal oriented
Name three big facts about communication
A) Words mean different things to different people

B) The initiation of a message is no assurance that it is received or understood as intended.

C) Communications often become dirtorted as they are transmitted from person to person
Make feedback ________
well timed
rumor mill where most employees first hear about leader's important changes
Feedback should be directed toward behavior the reciever can _____________
do something about
not spoken, written, o transmitted on a computer
nonverbal communication
Have the listener ___________
rephrase it for you
makes people more open and self-expressive--saying what you mean without being rude or thoughtless
Assertive training
Indicate specifically what can be done to _________
improve the situation
Name four essential requirements for active listening
1- intensity
4-willingness to take responsibility for completeness
gestures, fascial configurations, and movement of the body
body language
gestures, fascial configurations, and movement of the body
body language
___% of an oral message is derived from actual words
Name three types of assertive listening
-Direct and unambiguous language
-Eye contact
-Serious tone
-Firm posture
Everything a supervisor does involves ______________
getting inside a speaker's mind to understand the communication from the speakers point of view
active listening
Inproving communication effectiveness includes...(7 things)
1-Before you speak, make sure you know what you want to say
2-Discontinue further communication if emotionally upset
3-Improve listening skills
4-Make language clear and understandabl to the receiver-avoid jargon
5-Watch nonverbal actions
6-Do what you say you'll be believable
7-Utilize feedback
Effective communication and ___________ are not the same thing.
E-mail, voice mail, electronic paging, cell phones, video conferencing, etc.
Electronic communication
What might affect or hinder communication? (2 ways)
1-What passes as "poor communication" may be individuals purposely avoiding honesty and openess or confrontation
2-How the receiver feels at the time or receiving the message will influence how he interperts it
tells whether a message has been received as intended
Three reasons to use written communication
-Provide better documentation
-Provide "a paper trail"
-Reduce ambiguity
the transference and understanding of meaning
Three benefits of Electronic Communication
1-Allow transmission of messages 24 hours a day
2-A permanent record of Email can be made by printing
3-Can be in constant contact
4-Monitoring work of employees who work on computers
for official, long-term inplications, highly complex communication
Written communication
People in different roles, then, have difficulty __________________
communicating with one another
turning out thousands of miscellaneous thoughts
behavior patterns that go with the positions individuals occupy in an organization
People hear and see the world consistent with their __________________
role requirements
Name four assets of oral communication
1) Information can be transmitted quickly
2) Conveys tone and mood
3) Includes gestures and facial expressions
4) Has positive symbolic value
-more personal
-Intimate and caring
-Builds trust
-Creates a climate of openess and support
moves in any direction, skips authority levels, and is likely to satisfy social needs.
informal communication
___% of grapevine information is accurate
____% of an oral message is derived from fascial expression and physical posture
the emphasis someone gives to words or phrases
verbal intonation
putting yourself in the speaker's shoes--then you will interpret the message being spoken in teh wat the speaker intended
listen objectively without judgement
Try not to ___________ while missing to remainder of what is being said
formulate arguments
do whatever is necessary to get the full intended meaning from the speaker's communication
willingness to take responsibility for completeness