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The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was introduced to more effectively control bribery and other less obvious forms of payment to foreign officials and politicians by American publicly traded companies as they pursued International growth.


The concept of an ethical culture was recognized, for the first time, as a foundational component of an effective compliance program under the revised Federal sentencing guidelines for organizations.


The creation of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) as an independent oversight body was an attempt to reestablish the perceived independence of auditing companies that faced serious questioning after several corporate scandals.


Bribes are those payments which

Induce officials to act in a violation of their lawful Duty

Which of the following regulated unethical corporate Behavior prior to the passing of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

The Securities and Exchange Commission

In what ways do brides differ from Grease payments under the FCPA?

Unlike Greece payments, bribes induce officials to act in violation of their lawful Duty

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act:

Encompasses all the measures that were previously used to curve unethical overseas transactions

Which of the following is one of the key pieces of U.S. legislation designed to discourage, if not prevent, illegal conduct within businesses?

The U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a government agency within the Federal Reserve that oversees Financial products and services.


Brendon Inc. requires a permit to open its business in the country of Cadmia. Although it had met all the requirements for the permit, the officials concerned delayed providing Brendon Inc. with the permit. To expedite the process, the company made a payment to a customs official. Which of the following types of payments is this an example of?

facilitation payments

Whistleblowing is not considered ethical under any circumstances.


If there is evidence that an employee is carrying out an individual Vendetta against the company, the legitimacy of his or her whistleblowing should be questioned.


Organizations can prevent the embarrassment and potential Financial ruin caused by whistleblowing by creating an internal system that gives whistleblowers the option of being heard, thus resolving the issue in private.


The two types of whistleblowing, internal and external, are categorized based on:

Whom the Whistleblower chooses to inform

Alan, a newly hired employee in charge of tracking his companies inventory, finds that there is a major discrepancy between the expected stock and the actual stock. He discovered that one of the employees in his department is responsible for misappropriation of this stock and immediately reports his observation to the operations manager. Alan plays the role of an ______ whistle-blower.


It is difficult to track the history of internal whistle-blowing because:

It rarely receives attention from the media

Which of the following is true of a whistle-blower hotline?

It is a telephone line that employees use to anonymously alert a company of suspected misconduct

Which of the following is true of whistle blowers?

They are often criticized and considered troublemakers

Ken reported misconduct in his organization to the Securities and Exchange Commission. He was able to provide substantial evidence and won the case. The amount recovered was over $1 billion. Which of the following laws states that Ken is eligible to receive between 10 and 30% of the monies collected?

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act

Which of the following is a major risk whistleblowers face by speaking out about an organization's misconduct?

They risk losing their career and financial stability

Technological advances over the last two decades have made it more difficult to pass the personal data of customers from one place to another.


According to the legal concept of cyberliability, employers can be held liable for the actions of their employees through internet communications to the same degree as if they had written those Communications on company letterhead.


Employers feel it necessary to monitor employees at the workplace because they have an obligation to their stakeholders to operate as efficiently as possible.


Which of the following is a disadvantage of technological advances in the workplace?

Loss of privacy

Resolving the different perspectives on the issue of monitoring employee activity is difficult because:

It is difficult to determine where work ends and personal life begins

Andrew is informed by his company that he should be open to monitoring as a part of the company's plan to improve productivity. Because of his qualifications and work experience, he knows that he would have no difficulty finding a similar position in another company. Andrew agreed to the policy, knowing that he can switch jobs if the new policy affects his job satisfaction. He has given his companu _______ consent.


Which of the following explains why employers are in favor of monitoring and restricting the actions of their employees?

The implications of Vicarious liability for employers

The legal concept of _____ holds employers liable for the actions of their employees through internet communications to the same degree as if they had written those Communications on company letterhead.


Because of recent advances in technology, information can be digitized and transmitted over Fiber Optic Cables. What implications does this have?

Companies can cut their expenses by shipping work to countries with lower labor costs

A less developed nation is a country that lacks the economic, social, and technological infrastructure of a developed Nation.


For organizations, international market represent new customers as well as resources of cheaper material and cheaper labor.


Moving the ethical commitment of an organization to a global stage requires nothing more than increasing the scale of the policies and procedures.


globalization raises concerns about the:

Ethical behavior of economically Advanced Nations toward developing ones

In what way has globalization affected the economy?

National markets are being overtaken by regional trade blocs

The UN Global compact focuses on:

the welfare of workers around the world

Which of the following is true of globalization?

It impacts the commercial, economic, social, and political environment.

which of the following is true of the concept of Global Ethics?

It is a highly complex subject

Which of the following, as a result globalization, is true of less-developed countries and multinational corporations?

The long-term economic viability of less-developed countries is threatened by the activities of multinational corporations.

______ is a philosophical position in which ethical principles are defined by the traditions of society, personal opinions, and the circumstances of the present moment.

Ethical relativism

Demanding customers who want new and better products and services at lower prices represent a typical Market.


A company's commitment to ethical Behavior impacts only the level lower level of management and those departments that deal directly with customers.


A company's commitment to ethical Behavior impacts:

Every managerial level and every Department of the organization

Which of the following statements is true of sustainable ethics?

In order for everyone to begin from the same starting point, the organization's commitment to ethical behaviour must be documented in a code of ethics.

Altra Partners (AP) believes that a company's commitment to ethical behavior impacts every managerial level and every Department of the organization. It has recently established a code of ethics and started and extensive training for every member of the organization. Which of the following steps is most likely to be undertaken by AP next?

Hire an ethics officer

Which of the following topics would be elaborated in the company's code of ethics?

Policies for behavior in specific situations

Which of the following is an accurate statement about an organization's code of ethics?

The code of ethics is written for the employees to follow, and the stakeholders aren't required to follow it.

Arthur and Nicole are having an argument over the creation of a code of ethics for an organization. Arthur is of the view that it would be good for organizations to follow advice from The Institute of business ethics before creating a code of ethics, well Nicole disagrees with him. Which of the following advices would an organization follow if it agrees with Arthur?

The organization would determine the topics on which employees require guidance

Derek oversees the investigations of wrongdoings in his organization and provides additional guidance and support to the employees. He also develops training programs for every Department to maintain organizational conduct. Which of the following positions does Derek most likely hold in his company?

Ethics officer

Which of the following should an organization avoid doing with respect to a company's ethics policy?

Communicating only to internal stakeholders

The difference between reactive and proactive policies is that:

Reactive policies are driven by events and/or a fear of future events, whereas proactive policies are driven by a clear sense of what is construed as ethical for the organization.