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tube where sperm mature and are stored
muscles around the urethra and penis contract forcing semen out through the penis.
tubes connecting the penis and the scrotum through which semen travels.
vas deferens
tube that urine and semen pass through which runs through the center of the penis
spongy tissue in the penis that becomes filled with blood and stiffens during sexual arrousal
corpora cavernosa
tubes located in the testes that produces sperm
seminiferous tubules
located beneath prostate that secretes a small amount of fluid during sexual arousal.
bulbourethral gland
formed by the convergence of a vas deferens with a seminal vesicle through which sperm pass through the prostate and into the urethra.
ejaculatory duct
fluid producing glands that open into the ejaculatory ducts where they combine with sperm
seminal vesicles
penis becomes filled and larger with blood. also becomes longer and firmer so that it can be inserted into the vagina during intercourse
spongy body running along the bottom of the penis containing the urethra
corpus spongiosum
pouch of loose sking containing the testes
the male gonads
located beneath the bladder and secretes prostatic fluid
prostate gland
ejaculatory fluid consisting of sperm and secretions
loose skin covering the glans of the penis
foreskin is cut from around the penis usually at birth