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What AR covers maintenance?

AR 750-1

What is TAMMS?

The Army Maintenance Management System

What DA Pam covers TAMMS?

DA PAM 750-8

What DA PAM covers guide for motor pool operations?

DA PAM 750-35

What DA PAM is the leaders unit maintenance handbook?

DA PAM 750-1

What are 4 levels of maintenance?


Direct support

General support


What does PMCS stand for?

Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services

When is PMCS preformed?

Before, during, after the operation of a piece of equipment/ vehicle as well as weekly and monthly intervals

What is a TM?

A Technical Manual, outlines the specific scope of repairs on equipment

What is a DD Form 314?

Preventative maintenance schedule and record

What forms are contained in the equipment record folder when the vehicle is dispatched?

DA Form 5988E- equipment inspection and maintenance worksheet

DA Form 2408-14 (if something is deferred or on order for the equipment)

SF 91- operators report of motor vehicle accident

DD Form 518- Accident ID card

DA Form 5987E- vehicle utilization record

Who is required to perform PMCS?

The operator

What DA Form to you request for issue or turn-in?

DA Form 2765

What is a DA Form 2407?

To request support maintenance on a piece of equipment

What type of manual is used to perform PMCS?

The operators manual (10 series)

What safety equipment is required before dispatch?

Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, highway warning kit

What is class 1 leak?

Seepage of fluid not great enough to form drops

What is a class 2 leak?

Seepage of fluid great enough to form drops, but not great enough to cause drops to fall during inspection

What is a class 3 leak?

Seepage of fluid great enough to form drops and drip during inspection

What does PLL mean?

Prescribed Load List

How many days does a basic PLL sustain a unit?

15 days

What does MAIT stand for?

Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team

What are the 4 core maintenance processes?

Performance observation

Equipment services

Fault repair

Single-standard repair

What is the army’s maintenance standard?

The TM 10 and 20 series

What are the 2 functional maintenance levels?

Field maintenance

Sustained maintenance

What is the Maintenance expenditure limit (MEL)?

The total acceptable one-time cost to repair and end item/repairable component to a fully serviceable condition as prescribed in the appropriate TM

What is the purpose of Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR)?

To return disabled equipment rapidly to combat or to enable the equipment to self-recover

What is Tools Improvement Program Suggestions (TIPS)?

A means for users of tools to report deficiencies in tools

What is equipment reset?

A subset process for field and sustainment maintenance within the army RESET force pool of the ARFORGEN readiness strategy