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The power to * provides a way of bringing charges against the President for any high crimes and misdemeanors committed while in office
Necessary and Proper Clause
In the overall process of lawmaking, Congress does NOT
introduce many bills
a legal proceeding for distributing to creditors the assets of those unable to pay their debts
When a bill is introduced in the House, it is FIRST
given to the Rules Committee
All treaties must be approved by a two-thirds vote of
] the Senate
House members are elected to serve
two-year terms
The main reason that Congress creates committees is to
educate new members
The bicameral structure of Congress does all of the following EXCEPT
concentrate power in a singel, centralized agency
The powers of Congress are affected by all of the following EXCEPT
what the States' constitutions say Congress may do
In order to reflect changes in the population of each State, seats in the House of Representatives are
reapportioned among the States every 10 years
What power allows Congress to take private property for such uses as a military base, a national park, or a post office?
the power of eminent domain
Conference committees act as a "third house of Congress" when they
produce a new bill that replaces differing House and Senate versions
After each census, which of the following determines the number of seats each State should have in the House of Representatives?
a special House committee
Which of the following is NOT a constitutional method by which COngress may acquire property?
taking private property without just compensation
In both houses, the standing committees
are usually chaired by members chosen on the basis of seniority
Which of the following is NOT a constitutional method by which COngress may acquire property?
• [A] taking private property without just compensation (correct answer)
• [A] taking private property without just compensation (correct answer)
Rules Committee
Either house of Congress may respond to charges of price-gouging in the cable TV industry by using its (1 pt)
B] judicial powers
The House Rules Committee may do all of the following EXCEPT (1 pt)
• [D] attach amendments to a bill (correct answer)
Committee chairpersons usually are chosen
[D] on the basis of seniority
On the first day of each new term, the House
elects a Speaker to preside
In order to prevent a bill passed by Congress from becoming law, the President may
not sign it and attach a veto message
Which of the following judicial powers does Congress NOT have?
the power to override Supreme COurt decisions by majority vote
the exclusive legal right to copy, sell, or publish a piece of creative work
With just a fraction of its seats up for election at any one time, the Senate is the sole * in COngress.
continuous body
Which statement about the Senate is True?
] it has two members from each state
The term "third house of Congress" is sometimes applied to
conference committees
In Congress, screening bills for floor consideration is a major duty of
committee members
Members of Congress fill of the following roles EXCEPT that of
cabinet member
Committee chairpersons may do all of the following EXCEPT
] choose all members of their committees
Congress must meet formally at least twice during each * to carry out the business of lawmaking
] session
All of the following war powers are granted to Congress EXCEPT
the power to appoint a commander in chief
Seats in the House of Representatives are gerrymandered among the States on the basis of their populations
a grant for the exclusive right to make, use, or sell new or improved inventions
Each session of Congress lasts two years
Which of the following powers could COngress use to help protect American car makers from foreign competition?
the power to tax
The Senate is known as a continuous body, because only a third of its seats are up for election at the same time
Congress regulates all commercial interactions between the States and is authorized to do so by the
commerce power
Seats in the HOuse of Representatives are * among the States according to their populations
Unlike the House, the Senate has a legislative process with
few limits on debate
Majority floor leaders hold considerable power due mainly to the fact that
the majority party has more seats than the other party has
An emergency may prompt the President to call a * of Congress
special session
Which of the following is NOT a qualification for senators?
must have a degree in law
Bills that originate in either house of COngress may be
] ignored completely by the members of Congress
The lawmaking fuction of Congress is central to democracy because
it is the means by which the public will becomes public policy
Members of Congress w ho vote according to their party's wishes are
Which of the following happens only in the Senate?
a majority of members forces a bill out of committee by discharge petition
Most measures introduced in the House die at which of these steps?
] committee (
In the Senate, a filibuster may be ended with a vote that invokes
the rule of cloture
The president of the Senate
is replaced, when absent, by the president pro tempore
the government may take private property by * to make room for an interstate highway
eminent domain