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What is Defamation?

Defamation is communication about a person that tends to hurt the person's reputation.

It causes the reader or listener to think less of the person

What do you call it when defamation is spoken?


What do you call it when defamation is written?


Defamation with a permanent record

About defamation:

If someone defames you, you can sue them for money (called damages) for harming your reputation

You have to sue in Supreme Court, not Provincial Court, and you have to sue within 2 years of the defamation

What are some defences against libel?

Truth (justification),

Absolute privilege,

Qualified privilege,

Fair comment,

Responsible communication on matters of public interest

What is the role of a fact checker?

A position or role in a publication – generally entry level

The responsibility of a fact checker is to ensure the accuracy of facts – verify them – before article is published (regardless of medium)

What is the general rule set by the Copyright Act?

The general rule set by the Act is that copyright lasts for 50 years following the end of the calendar year in which the creator dies.

What are Moral Rights?

Rights to the integrity of the work writers submit, and the right for the author to be credited for their work.