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What is an M2 50 cal?
A .50cal, Browning, M2HB, belt fed, recoil-operated, air-cooled, crew-served machine gun capable of single shot as well as automatic fire.
Max range .50cal
M2 ball
7400 meters
Max effective range .50cal
1830 meters
Grazing fire range .50 cal
700 meters
Rates of fire: Sustained .50cal
40 rounds or less per minute.
Rates of fire: Rapid .50cal
MORE than 40 rounds per minute
Rates of fire: Cyclic .50cal
450-550 rounds per minute
.50 cal Condition 1
Ammo is in position on the feed tray.
Bolt locked to the rear.
Bolt latch release lock is up.
.50cal Condition 3
Ammo is in position on the feed tray.
Chamber is empty.
Bolt is forward and bolt latch release lock is up.
.50 cal Condition 4
Feed tray is clear of ammo.
Chamber is empty.
Bolt is forward and bolt latch release lock is up.
Half Load .50 cal
Bolt forward, cover closed.
Squad leader inserts double loop into feedtray until engaged.
Bolt JERKED to the rear and released.
IF bolt release latch is engaged bolt will drive forward half loading the gun.

IF bolt latch release is up and free gunner must PUSH the bolt latch release and allow bolt to go forward and complete half load.
FULL LOAD .50 cal
Complete the half load, the pull and release the bolt for the second time. WEAPON IS NOW LOADED.
UNLOAD .50 cal
GUNNER unlocks bolt latch release.
Gunner pulls back and holds retracting slide handle.
Squad leader removes ejected round.
GUNNER raises cover and Squad leader takes ammo out of feed tray.
Gunner examines chamber and T-slot.
If a round is still in the T-slot the gunner pulls back an extra 1/16" and forces the round up and out by reaching under the ghun and forcing the round up the face of the bolt.
TWO common types of malfunctions?
What can cause a .50 cal to runaway?
Bent trigger,
Trigger lever sprung forward,
Jammed or broked side plate trigger.
burred beveled contacting surfaces of trigger lever and sear.
Types of stoppages .50 cal
Failure to feed
Failure to chamber
Failure to fire
Hang Fire .50 cal
problem with propellant powder. Cartridge primer has detonated but Propellant powder is burning too slowly and delays firing projectile.
How long do you wait before performing an IA on a suspected Hang Fire?
5 sec
How long do you wait before performing an IA on a suspected Cook Off?
5 sec
What determines a HOT BARREL on a .50 cal?
150 rounds in previous 2 minutes
Explain the actions that must take place within the 2ND 5 seconds after a Hang Fire or Cook Off of a .50 cal
Pull bolt to the rear-watch for ejection and feeding.
Release bolt and fire.
If weapon fails to fire WAIT 5 SECONDS, lock bolt to rear, return retracting handle forward.
If barrel is hot and round is not extracted in 10 seconds, round must remain in the chamber, cover closed for 5 MINUTES.