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What documents consist a triangle of airworthiness?


To what easa part does an type certificate conform to?

Part 21

Mention and explain all type certificates?

Tc full = certifies the design meets all aplicable cs

Restricted type cerificate = design does not meet all aplicable cs

Supplemental tc = issued for major modifications. Full or restricted tc also remain in place

NAME AND EXPLAIN ALL CERTIFICATES OF AIRWORTHINESS? Inlude easa forms where the same are applyed?

Full c of a= issued to an aircraft that meets all airworthiness requirements easa form 25

Restricted c of a = aircraft does not meet all requirements but it is still safe to fly or issued to a rtc. Easa form 24

Permit to flight = aircraft does not meet or has not show to meet all applicable cs but are able to safe fly under defined conditions. Easa form 20 A when issued by CA or 20 B when issued by Camo.

What is an Arc, how long is it available for and what form is applyed on?

Airworthiness teview certificate. It states an aircraft has passed a yearly inspection of its maintenance documentation and essential eqipment. Easa form 15a issued by ca. 15b issued by camo. 15c issued by mo.

How long are tc and ac valid for?

Tc is indefenitive if not revoked suspended by ca, ac is also indefinite if not revoked or suspended by ca however, it is temporary invalid during maintenance.

Under what easa form is an aircraft realeased to fly?


What markins are required prior to flight and what do they consist of?

External registration markings - reg letters and nationality on the airframe iaw Ano

Registration plate = fire proof metal plate in prominent position with reg letters and nationality

What happened in 7/12/1944?

52 countries signed the chicago convention on international aviation.

In what year was formed the Icao and what happened towards the end of that year?

Icao was formed on 4/4/1947 and in october 1947 it was made a specialised agency of Un (united nations) wich gave icao fundings to operate

What is ment by Icao and what job/powers does it have?

International civil aviation organization, it has no powers to make law ,however, it gives recomendations for standarts/Practices

In what document and format does the Icao release its standarts and recomended practices?

Chicago convention = living document, in the form of annexes

In what uk law was the chicago convention implemented?

Civil aviation act 1949

Under what department is the civil aviation under?

Department of transport, secretary of state fof tranport

What did the Civil aviation act 1949 create to detail the law concerning civil aviation and conformaty with Icao?

ANO = Air navigation order

What is the job of Ano?

To detail uk civil aviation laws and corformaty of implented Icao standarts and recomended practices

What are Anr, who does the Ano athourise to make them and where are they found?

Air navigation regulation= amplify detail of articles within ano

Secretary of state for transport

Found on Cap 393

In what act was the caa set up?

Civil aviation act 1971

What are the Caa 3 functions?

1 - Work for the uk goverment on all civil aviation matters.

2- work for easa as a Ca of uk, to ensure proper implementations of Easa rules

3 - mantain close links to other easa CAs to assist the standardising of requirements, regulations and procedures

Where is the CAA based at?


Through what group does the CAA operate?

SARG = safety and airspace regulation group

What are SARG staff known as?


What are SARG main duties?

General airworthiness from design approval and certification to maintenance and operation.

Through what section does SARG encounter engineers?

Personnel licensing section

How are CAA regulations published?

By SARG in the form of Bcars = British civil airworthiness requirements, they have minimum ano and anr requirements in plain language level (less law language)

Name 4 important CAP?

CAP 393 - an orde / anr

CAP 562 - Civil aircraft airworthiness

CAP 747 - MAndatory requirements of airworthiness

CAP 382 - Mandatory occurrence reporting scheme

What structure part of EU legislation makes european laws?

European parliament

Ont he european legislation structure wich executive body is suppose to implement laws passed by european parliament?

European comission

In what consists the jobs of the european comission?

Implement Eu policy and represent general interest of eu

Ensure eu laws are folled

Manage policies

Negotiate internal trade/ co operation agreements

Develop implementing rules

What does easa mean?

European aviation safety agency

What is the job role of easa?

Controlling permit to flys

Issuing type certificates for products

Implementing safeguards

Making recomendations to european comission

Provide assistance between CAs

How are EU aviation laws created and implemented?

Recomendations are sent to european comission

European comission reviews them

Good ones are sent to european parliament

European parliament makes regulations in the form of articles and anexes (these are laws)

European parliament sends ER (essential requirements/ law) back to the eurpean comissioner

European comission creates implemented rules

IR come in Parts and CSs

Parts and CSs are made of Amc and GM

What are Easa Parts and what are they made of?

Parts are procedure requirements for individuals abd organizations

Section A - requirements for individuals and organisations.

Section B - busybodies / competent authority

What are CS?

Certification specification - prove compliance of approval

What is known as Hardlaw and softlaw?

Hardlaw - ER, IR

Softlaw - CS and AMC

Who is the head of EASA and what is he allowed to do

Executive Director, able to do executive decisions , these allowed him to create or amend IR.

Explain the EASA rulemaking procedure?

Where there is a requirement for change of an IR

There is a period of consultation with whom it might concern of 1 to 3 months. A Notice of proposed Amendment issued.

All responses are collected to consultation response document

The same is published with course of action and date of implementatiin

If needed a TGL ( temporary guidance leaflet) is issued while waiting for the date of implementation.

What are the 4 EU regulations of interest for aircraft engineers?

Basic regulations - EU regulation 216/2008

Initial airworthiness - EU regulation 748/2012

Continuing airworthiness - EU regulation 1321/2014

Air operations - EU regulation 965/ 2012

What part is used for initial airworthiness design and production?


What are?

Cs 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, 36, AWO, E, P Mel?

Sailplabe/powered sailplanes

Small piston aircraft

Large turbine aircraft

Small piston helycopter

Large turbine helycopter

Noise certificate

All weather operations



Minimum equipment list

Under what part are continuing airworthiness requirements?


What is part 145, part 66, part 147?

Maintenance org approval

Certifying staff

Maintenance training org approval

What does part ORO detail, what is issued under the same?

Details requirements for aircraft operating org, Air operator certificate

What does Part CAT detail

Requirements for Comercial aircraft transport

What does Part SPA detail?

Special approvals for

low visibility,

dangerous cargo

Night vision


What is a Part 21 subpart J used for?

DOA desing organisation approval

In what Part subpart are are production organisation approvals?

Part 21 subpart G (easa form 50 for aplication and 55 for approval)

What are part 21 subpart F ?

Fixings / components Production without POA (easa form 60 for aplication, 65 for approval know letter of agreement

what does a Part M subpart G consist of?

CAMO (APLICATION ON FORM 2 and approval on form14)

Under what Part are maintenance organisations for non cat and non cmpa?

Part M subpart F

what aircrafts can part 145 mantain?

NON CAT NON CMPA, CMPA AND CAT aplication is on form 2 and approval is on form 3

In what form are part 147 aplication and approval?

Aplication on form 12

And aproval on form 11

What are easa form 6 for?

Initial investigations and audits

How are level 1 and level 2 findings?

Level 1 - significant non compliance wich lowers safety standardts and hazards flight safety must be corrected imediately.

Level 2 - non compliance that could lower safety standardts and hazards to flight safety must be rectified within 3 months

How many in the space of what period are internal and external audits carried?

12 months

24 months by ca or 12 months if company has specialised services (NDT)

How often does the ca need to meet the accountable manager?

24 months

What individuals are called form 4 holders?


What are certifying and support staff?

Certifying staff part 66 aml holders sign off crs for aircraft and components

Support staff - plan maintenance

What should camo, part 145 and part 147 have?

Sufficient staff

What is Full employment ?

35 h a week

What are expositions?

As the name predicts these are documents that exposes the organisation on how they intend to comply with the requirements of the easa part they are applying to.

Once expositions are approved by ca they become a living document.

In what form do engineers apply and receive approval of for their part 66 license?

Easa form 19

Easa form 26

When retaining records what shoulds organisations protect them from?




How long should a technical log hold for?

3 years after its last entry

How long should camo records be kept?

2 year for both personnell and aircraft after withdrall of service

How long are part 145 records hold for?

3 years for personnell

3 years for maintenance records

2 years for quality audits records

How long should Part 147 student records kwpt for?


What is the minimum age to hold a AML and certifying rights?



Certifying staff can only exercise their priviledges if...?

They had 6 months experience on the previous 2 years

What are the AML categories

A1 Turbine aeroplanes

A2 piston aeroplanes

A3 Turbine Helycopters

A4 Piston helycopters

B1.1 turbine Aeroplane

B1.2 piston Aeroplanes

B1.3 turbine helycopters

B1.4 piston helycopters

B2 maintenance certifying technician (avionics)

B3 - light aircraft

Category c - Base maintenance certifying engineering

What are the priveledges of all AmL Cat?

CAT A - issue crs for minor scheduled line maintenance and small defect rectification they have carry out.

CAT B1 - issue crs for own and others work on powerplants, mechanical system, structure, electrical system, avionic on test only. Automaticlly holds A license

CAT B2 - issue crs for own and others work on avionics, electrical and mechanic on tests only.

CAT B3 - issue crs for light aircraft

CAT C - issue CRS for the whole aircraft upon finishing base maintenance.

How long does it take to apply for a B1, B2 licence?

5 years if no previous experience

3 if previous experience

2 years if done under Part 147

How long does it take to apply for a Cat A, B3?

3 years if no previous experience

2 years if previous experience

1 year if done under Part 147

How long to apply for a CAT C?

3 years if it has B1/B2 and B1.3

5 years if it has a B1.2/B1.4

How long is an AML valid for and how long does a holder have to show it when requested ?

5 years and represent in the period of 24 hours

Explain 3 type ratings?

Individual type rating

Manufacture type rating - 2 type ratings in the same manufacturer

Full subgroup rating - 3 type rating from 3 different manufacturers

How long does an engineer have to complete is ON job training?

3 years

What is a pac? How long is it valid for? Who issues them?

Personnel authorisation certificate shows details of scope of work and limitations

Is valid for 2 years

The Mo - quality department

What continuation training must the MO give to all certifying and support staff?

Human factors

Health and safethy

Technology updates

Mo procedure updates

Who can be issued with a one off Pac?

Own org engineer that has a type certificate on similar aircraft

Someone outside the org that has an aml with 3 years experience on that type

How long has the Mo to notify the CA of a one off signed pac issued?

7 days



When is aircraft said to be representative of its true wheight?

After constructed and painted

What is basic weight?

Weight of aircraft, basic equipment and unusubale oil and fuel

What is Basic equipment?

Weight of unconsumable oils and equipment to all roles

Whats a Variable load?

Weight of crew and their luggage

Removable units equipment

Disposable load?

Passengers, cargo

Consumable fuels and oils

How is total weight obtained?

Total weight = basic weight + disposable weight + variable weight

Weighting intervals?

4 years for individual aircraft

9 year for fleet if in a amp

Periods interval weighting an part Cat in uk?

2 years after it left manufacture5 years thereafter or as required from ca

What should include a Weight and cofg schedule?

Basic weight,

total weight,

cofg position

weight of consumable fluids load

Who is does part 21 require to be responsable to produce, mantain and update aircraft manuals?

Holders of type certificate such as doa and poa

Who issues the aircraft radio license explain its validity?

The ca on behalf of ofcom

It is only valid for the owner, if the aircraft is sold radio license becomes invalid

Under what certificate a

Is an aircraft a ble to do its route proving?

Restricted airwowrthiness certificate

Name the changes to type certificates?

Subustantial - aircraft needs a completly new type certificate as mod is so big it changed the aircraft

Major - change aftected mass, balance, results in suplemental c

Minor does not affect the aircraft

Statments of conformity are issued for what?

New whole aircraft and components( part 21 subpart f)

What are collaborative projects?

Sharign of design and production of a new aircraft

What part requires that an Amp is develop, who approves and during what time and by who is developed?

By part M

By ca

During prototype

By doa and poa

Name 3 orgs involved in the continuing airworthiness?

Air operator


Part 145

A Amp must be reviewed at least ....?


Explain the 3 types of mainitenance programmes for non cat?

Mip - minimum inspection programe done by the manufacture

Sdmp - self declared maintenance programe is done by operator and needs to have all requirements in a mip.

Pilote ower maintenance - done by pilot owner, work carried needs to be signed by a b3

At what locations can a part 145 carry out maintenance?

Line maintenance - deferral of defects , minor repair rectification, minor maintenance and modifications.