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What regulations and codes of practice govern the construction industry’s approach to sustainability?

Building regulations – Part L
Code for sustainable homes / buildings
Site waste management plans
BREEAM and other environmental assessment methods

When do site waste management plans apply?

Apply from 6th April 2008

Compulsory to prepare a site waste management plan for any construction project with an estimated cost of over £300,000

What is the purpose of site waste management plans?

The idea is that by making aware how much waste is being produced, contractors then take steps to minimise and reduce it.

Plan must be regularly updated on how much waste is produced and recycled so that lessons can be learnt.

Have there been any changes?

On the 9th January 2013 changes to Energy
Performance Certificates (EPC) and Display Energy Certificates (DEC) came into force under the Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012.
This is to comply with the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2010.