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The right lymphatic duct drains certain body area. Name some
(R) upper quadrant
(R) Arm
Why is the intestinal lymph milky-white at times?
Fatty acids
What is the name of intestinal lymph?
Where does the thoracic duct enter into the venous system?
Subclavian vein
What is the region of the inquinal lymph nodes?
(R) lower quadrant
(R) leg
What is the name of the two veins that build the "venous angle"
What is the location of the thoracic duct? Cicterna Chyli
L2 up spine to (L) subclavian venous angle
What does lymph fluid consist of?
1. Proteins
2. Water
3. Cells (RBC,WBC)
4. Waste
5. Fat (intestinal lymph,Chyle)
How many lymph nodes are in the human body?
What are the functions of lymph nodes?
1. filteration
2. absorb water
3. breaks down bacteria
4. production of WBC
5. regulates protein
Occipital nodes are where?
Occipital region and upper part of the skin of the neck.
Retroauricular nodes are where?
Parietal area (EAR)
Preauricular nodes are where?
FOREHEAD, upper eyelid, lateral part of lower eyelid
Submandibular nodes are where?
Nose , upper and lower lip
Medial part of lower lid, CHEEK
Submental nodes are where?
CHIN, medial part of lower lip
Describe the Structure of a blood capillary?
2 layers
Function: Diffusion,ultrafilteration and reabsorbtion takes place
Describe the structure of Lymph Capillaries?
**similar to leach (septic) field, when one fills it goes on to the next.

Define interstitium and interstitial fluid?
Interstitium: **like jello**
holds things together
about 1/6 of the bod consists of this.

Interstitial: **like pineapple in jello

free fluid that the interstitium picks up.
The most important process to nourish the tissue cells is called?
What causes ultrafilteration in the blood capillary?
BCP-Blood Capillary PRESSURE forces fluid OUT of the capillaries.
What causes reabsorbtion in the blood capillary?
COP- Plasma colloid osmotic pressure

Protein in the capillary
Define Starling's Law.
The amount of fluid filtering outward from the arterial ends of capillaries EQUALS almost exactly the fluid returned to the circulation by absorption.
Where in the body dies filteration and reabsorbsion occur?
Venous side of the body.
What is "active hyperemia"?
DIALATION- blood flow increases-ultrafilteration increases-lymphatic flow increases!!
(Heat, Inflammation, Exercise)
What is "passive hyperemia"?
OBSTRUCTION- blood backs up, blood pressure increase-lymphatic flow increases!
(Blood Clot, Cardiac edema)
What is Hypoproteinemia?
DECREASED PLASMA- reduced reabsorbsion-increased lymphatic flow
Define "Lymphatic Load"
The amount of substances that have to be removed from the interstitium by the lymphatic system.
What does lymphatic load consist of:
1. Protein
2. Water
3. Cells
4. Fat
Where in the body does the lymphatic system absorb fat?
Intestinal tract
LTV-Lymph time volume

High output failure

Low output failure
approx. 1-2 liters per day

Exceeds capacity-Edema

drops below normal capacity-Lymphedema