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0.81 Mach
MMO FL370-450
0.81 - 0.79 Mach
MMO FL450 and above
0.79 Mach
MMO with and BLE missing
0.78 Mach
VMO up to 8,000
300 kts
VMO 8,000 and above
350 kts
Mach Trim and A/P INOP
0.74 Mach
Stick Puller INOP
0.74 Mach
260 kts
200 Kts
What are BLEs
boundary layer energizers are designed to induce an aerodynamically controlled turbulent flow in the laminar flow, energizing the boundary layer and therefore retarding the separation of the airflow at high mach numbers
VFE 8 or 20 degrees
200 kts
VFE 40 degrees
150 kts
VMCA Flaps 8
104/106 APR
90 kts
Turbulent air penetration
250 kts / 0.73 mach
Max X-wind
25 kts
Max tail wind
10 kts
Max tire speed
182 kts